Saturday 17 October 2009

Busily Building A Pyre For Martyrs…

It seems that some politicians are still determined to feed the BNP the oxygen of publicity:
The BNP has been refused permission to use a venue in Swanley to hold a party meeting.

Paul Golding, BNP councillor in Swanleys St Mary, says he tried to book a large expensive conference room at The Woodlands in Hilda May Avenue but has been “banned” by Swanley Town Council.
So, of course, he’s wrapped the union flag around himself and called in the media to rely on the British sense of fair play:
Cllr Golding said: “It's absolutely outrageous in the extreme.
“They are aware all their support is coming over to us in droves, they are terrified of losing their remaining seats to the BNP.

“I'm sure they're realising we have enormous support in the area.”
If they didn’t before, they will have now!
He added: “We don't see why they can arbitrarily ban a party from holding meetings especially when the political party they are banning has elected members in the area.

“If the roles were reversed and the BNP had banned a meeting of Labour in Swanley, the whole political establishment would go into a frenzy.”
Which belies the fact that, of course, the BNP probably would do exactly the same if they were ever in a position of power…

So, what excuse have the council proffered for this catastrophic misstep?
The leader of Swanley Town Council, Councillor Robert Woodbridge, says there were concerns about possible protests and negative publicity for Swanley Banqueting, the council department which runs the venue.
Oh, great

‘We can’t allow you to speak to the public because the radical Muslims and the UAF and other assorted other racemongers and fascists will tear the place down’.

Great! That’s not inflamed anything, has it?
Labour councillor Cllr Woodbridge said: “Yes we did refuse to allow Cllr Golding from using our premises (Ed: Sic) and this decision was taken at the informal leadership group meeting because of the potential conflict that may have been attracted not necessarily by the BNP party members, but perhaps by others who may have wished to protest against the meeting.

“In addition, the leadership considered the potential for conflict and the potential issues including the potential for adverse publicity for Swanley Banqueting that this may cause at a time when banqueting colleagues are doing their utmost to secure bookings.”
How do you think this is going to work out for the BNP, councillor?

Because I think it’s going to work out pretty well. Instead of confirming your commitment to free speech even for those who are your opponents, and stating that any violence from either side will be dealt with, you’ve cravenly blocked a part of the democratic process, thereby giving them every opportunity to point at you and say ‘Look! They don’t want you to hear what we have to say because they are frightened of their pets turning on them!’



Quiet_Man said...

Every move they make just seems to fall into the hands of the BNP. They can't even trust the people of Swanley to either behave or ignore the BNP, even worse they're afraid of their sponsored loons the UAF turning up and trashing the place.
Welcome to Labours Britain.

Anonymous said...

Not living a million miles from Swanley I can say I won't be surprised when the whole ward will be BNP at the next election kicking out the Labour parasites - as they are viewed. Swanley has always been the Labour bit of a Conservative dominated Sevenoaks District Council but the population aren't fans of diversity as celebrated by their Labour reps.

Angry Exile said...

Establishment 0 - BNP 3 so far at least, and all from own goals on the other side.

Anonymous said...

Fraser Nelson has more.