Wednesday 28 October 2009

You Sure About That?

A 10-week-old puppy was kicked to death when it ran up to a group of people in a Cambridgeshire park in what the RSPCA called a "sickening" attack.

The puppy ran over to three people in a wooded area of the park, and one of them kicked it in the head. It died almost instantly.
The RSPCA mouthpiece is in high dudgeon, and appealing for witnesses:
RSPCA inspector Cherry Evans said: "This is an absolutely shocking and sickening incident which caused a great deal of pain to this small puppy, and left her owners devastated.
But whoa there, Cherry.

Not so long ago...
A callous animal killer will not face cruelty charges from the RSPCA - because the dog he kicked to death did not suffer, according to inspectors.
Say what?
Phoebe, a miniature Yorkshire Terrier, was killed instantly when she was kicked across the room during a domestic row in Arnolds Way, Cirencester, on November 2 last year.
But revelations that the RSPCA concluded that, as the dog died instantly, it did not suffer and there was no case of animal cruelty.
Can't have your cake and eat it, RSPCA. All the defence has to do, if these scum are ever caught, is point to this case.


Angry Exile said...

Inconsistency - we haz it.

Von Spreuth said...

Gave up donating to the "RSPCA" Years ago after a raid on a so called "animal shelter" by police and this shower of effete wankers.

Afterwards the RSPCA inspector refused to make a statement so we lost it the whole case.

Shower of mother fekin arseholes. Probably all "Green party" mabers.

JuliaM said...

"Inconsistency - we haz it."

Yup. The idiot woman clearly doesn't read her own organisation's publicity...

"Afterwards the RSPCA inspector refused to make a statement so we lost it the whole case."