Friday 23 October 2009

Victim Selection EPIC FAIL!

A waitress at a fashionable London restaurant, Gema Revelles, has been jailed for nine months for inventing a sexual assault allegation against her gay boss after he sacked her.

They’re getting bolder every day, aren’t they?
Revelles, 21, made up the story because she was too ashamed to tell her family she was jobless. But her sister was so outraged at her apparent ordeal she insisted she tell police.
Thanks, sis! Bet you’re sorry now…
Charles John-Jules, prosecuting, said unfortunately for the Spanish national she got her dates mixed up, reckoned without CCTV and was apparently unaware of her alleged attacker's sexual orientation.
Pretty fortunately for her alleged attacker, though…

Mind you, the defence valiantly attempted a novel excuse in a futile attempt to get the lying cow client off the hook of a prison sentence:
Mr Green said the defendant now ''realised what she did was wrong, that it had a massive impact on Mr Jacobs and on the investigatory process and the process of justice as a whole.

''In addition, she had no idea the English authorities would take the attitude they did and believes in Spain nothing like the steps that were taken here would have been taken there in response to such an allegation,'' he added.
Well, that one’ll rock ‘em in chambers, I’m sure…

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