Friday 16 October 2009

Pure Spite…

A bullied schoolgirl has been left without a secondary school place - after council bosses told her to apply to an all-boys' school.
Because dealing with the bullies was just too much for the council to actually tackle…
'We know the kids that are targeting her are at the secondary school which the council want Robyn to attend,' Mrs Pethick, of Portsmouth, said.

'I couldn't send her there for her own safety. I told the council this, so to get this letter telling me she has the chance to go to an all-boys' school is a kick in the teeth.'
Indeed. It’s almost as if you don’t pay their wages via your council tax, isn’t it?
Robyn was told she could not attend her preferred school as, at less than a mile from her home, it was 'too far' to travel. The council refused to comment until the investigation was over.
You mean, until they’ve managed to bury any suggestion that they’ve dropped the ball on this one.


Fat Hen said...

Hmm, cui bono...?

Anyone fancy putting a wager on that the bullies are the councilors' kids or relations?

Names should be named and those people should be checked over since this strange behaviour is either a sign of entrenched corruption or comprehensive incompetence.

Weekend Yachtsman said...

School vouchers now!

Let them compete for pupils and then we'll see how they do at controlling the bullies.

JuliaM said...

"Anyone fancy putting a wager on that the bullies are the councilors' kids or relations?"

It certainly turned out to be the case in that last case, didn't it?

"School vouchers now!"

That wouldn't help much, unless the 'exclusion costs points' target culture was rescinded. That's the culprit here, far above the namby-pamby 'Aww, bullies are people too!' culture...