Friday 30 October 2009

Quote Of The Month (Extra 'Question Time' Edition)

Several to choose from here.

First up, Mr Eugenides:
"The BNP have less support than even the Greens, and their ideas considerably less influence. As Chris Dillow points out, their membership is less than the circulation of Cage & Aviary Birds magazine, and would struggle to fill even one stand in the average Premiership football ground. The BNP are what happens when you start a putsch in a beerhall, and no-one shows up."
Then Longrider points out they've achieved the opposite of their aims:
"Had these idiots engaged in rational and calm debate rather than hysterical screeching, they might have exposed Griffin for the arse that he is. As it was, they made themselves look like a bunch of nasty thugs, unable to put together a logical argument and it worked out pretty well for the BNP. They like to play the underdog, and the Beeb, Dimblebore, the panel and the audience handed it to them on a plate."
And finally, even uber-leftie Chicken Yoghurt isn't swallowing the lie that NuLab are any different any more:
"Half the country seems up in arms that Nick Griffin is being allowed near a television studio but when a man, who has done things to foreigners that would give Griffin wet dreams from here to eternity goes, goes on GMTV barely anybody squeaks. Hell, a huge chunk of them voted for him."

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