Friday 23 October 2009

Where's The Tory Party's Backbone Gone..?

Plans to introduce secret inquiries into controversial deaths from which the public and bereaved families could be banned are to be pushed through the House of Commons by the Government.
Because, what have they got to lose? They can’t possibly sink any lower in the public estimation. Can they?
Last night ministers suffered a humiliating defeat for the proposals in the House of Lords, but insisted that they were "clear" that "harmful material" must not be made public, and would reintroduce the measures in the Commons.
Well, here’s a chance for the Tories to stand up and show the leadership that we all hope (against all evidence) that they will show in government, isn’t it?

And what do we get? Silence…
Baroness Miller, the Liberal Democrats' home affairs spokeswoman in the Lords, whose party tabled an amendment which succeeded in removing the secret inquiry clause, said that the Government had suffered a "self-inflicted" defeat.
Just like all the recent defeats…

I can’t say this any better than LfaT has put it:
“You see, what you anti-democratic authoritarian powermongers in the Labour Party don’t understand is that in a truly functioning free democracy, no-one can be above the law. That includes you, your fellow politicians, the police, the armed forces, the secret service and every other British citizen, regardless of what they do or who they work for. “

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