Friday 23 October 2009

'Father of the Year' EPIC FAIL!

Determined to improve manners at his 900-pupil secondary school, headmaster Kevin Harrison decided to pass on a lesson from the past.

He reinstated the tradition that pupils get to their feet when he enters the classroom.

But yesterday he found himself at the centre of an extraordinary stand-off with a parent after a 15-year-old boy defiantly remained seated.
Because naturally, one ‘parent’ objected to anyone telling his offspring what to do…
Daniel Walton was suspended from the school, Macclesfield High in Cheshire, when he barged past a teacher after being ordered to sit in an 'isolation' room for refusing to stand.

And rather than remonstrate with his son, jobless 40-year-old Tim Walton is supporting him.
Is anyone surprised?

As Ross points out, the 'Mail' were no doubt quite happy to sit back and watch this cretin dig himself deeper and deeper into the role of UberChav every time he opened his mouth:
He says Daniel was entirely justified in remaining seated because 55-year-old Mr Harrison, who joined the school as acting head this year, has yet to earn the pupils' respect.
How much respect do you think you are earning from the people who pay for you to wallow in indolence? Not that it matters, as long as the lager money keeps rolling in, eh?
Mr Walton, a father of three, insisted that when the four-and-a-half-day suspension ends tomorrow Daniel will still refuse to stand for the head. 'I've had enough of my kids being punished because of these so-called rules which have nothing to do with their education,' he said.

'I teach my kids that respect is earned. The head hasn't been there long enough to earn my son's respect so why should he stand up for him?'
Because if your yob boy has no respect for institutional hierarchy (sorry for the big words) how is he planning on finding a job, in the unlikely event he doesn’t plan on following in his father’s footsteps?

Who is going to employ someone with the social graces of a shaved gibbon but even less ability to read and write?
Mr Walton said: 'The school sent a letter saying that I told Dan, "Kick the headteacher in the nuts if he kept you against your will".

'I think it's diabolical. My boy shouldn't be excluded for something I have said. I don't regret it.'
Your offspring isn’t being excluded for something you said – he’s being excluded for his own actions. The letter mentioning your bolshie attitude is just to remind all readers of why this future McDonald’s sweeper is the way he is – you and your deplorable attitude.

And least anyone thinks this is a one off, it’s clear that the parenting skills of pere Walton extend to the distaff side too:
He said his daughter also objected to another rule at the school - no make-up - and would tell the head 'where to get off'.
Like father, like brother, like daughter...
He added: 'She won't go the wheelie bin without make-up on. If they tell her to take off her make-up, she will get her coat. '

Then she too can turn into an unemployed (and probably unemployable) yob like her father and her brother…

Anyone wondering why we haven’t heard from Mrs Walton?


Westhouse said...

So it would be a family-business? We will be working with Dad, and he NOT looking for work.

NickM said...

"She won't go to the wheelie bin without make-up on"


JuliaM said...

Indeed! :)