Monday 26 October 2009

Spreading The Message Of Love...

An aspiring rap artist who was caught with a knife in an unexplained blood-stained bag walked free from court – and told the Echo he had learned his lesson.
Really? First offence, then?

Err, no:
Mark Larkin, prosecuting, told the court Ajewole had been reprimanded for carrying a knife at school in 2004, and also had convictions for robbery and aggravated vehicle taking.
Cyrus Shroff, defending, said Ajewole had worked hard to gain good educational qualifications and was thought to have a promising career ahead of him in the music industry.
Is it me, or do those two statements not really hang together?

So, what was his explanation excuse?
He initially refused to explain the findings to police, but later said he had agreed to carry it for someone he feared to prevent them being caught with it by police.
And the magistrates bought that?

And we wonder why we have a crime problem. Last words go to the defendant:
After the hearing Ajewole told the Echo: "I would always say that carrying a knife is the wrong thing to do. You are likely to end up getting stabbed or going to jail.

"I'm glad to get this second chance so we can continue to spread the message of love with our music."
Yes, that's what I always think when I hear rap music. 'Oh, listen, they're spreading the message of love...'


MTG said...


Anonymous said...

MTG beat me to the anguished cry of hopelessness and despair.

Anonymous said...

Obviously the magistrate has never heard NWA's "Fuck the Police"

JuliaM said...

"MTG beat me to the anguished cry of hopelessness and despair."

Sometimes, it's the only sane response...

"Obviously the magistrate has never heard NWA's "Fuck the Police""

Well, there's no love lost between some mags and police. Who knows, he may have the album!

Sue said...

What is going on? Now, if that was a white guy, they'd have kept him in on suspicion of murder.

How can you refuse to explain to the police finding a blood stained knife on you and get away with it?

I'm astounded at the stupidity of our judiciary. Obviously they need no more of an IQ than our PCSO's!

Joe Public said...

Next year, Magistrates should have to take a "Gullibility" test

Chris Gilmour said...

I'm kinda scepticle about the "promising career ahead of him in the music industry", I can't seem to find his MySpace page, Bebo page, page or Facebook page.

Does he no want anyone to hear his music?