Monday 19 October 2009

Who Guards The Guardians?

The son of Scotland Yard’s equality and diversity chief has been charged with sexually assaulting women on London Underground commuter trains.
One of the specific responsibilities of Ms Milani’s department is issues relating to women’s safety. The former teacher – whose parents migrated to Britain from the West Indies – has been described as a protegee of former Commissioner Sir Ian Blair.
Double whoops!


woman on a raft said...

Denise Milani is the £75,000-a-year head of the Metropolitan Police’s Diversity and Citizen Focus Directorate,

Just found about £125k they can save. Her job and all the associated costs is dispensible.

Not sure of the exact figures including employers NI and associated costs - Mark Wadsworth would make a better estimate - but they must be able to get at least two proper officers on the ground for that money, more if you count the cost of her office and pension.

I don't want to hear any whinging about not being able to afford proper officers until they've removed that and every other non-job, and switched the money to front-line police. And I don't mean to PCSOs - proper officers are what's needed, nothing less.

Anonymous said...

Fiction writers require audacity but this appearance in any novel would curl the mouth into a "Whaaaaat?"

Anonymous said...

"Ms Milani, 52, joined the Met ten years ago and is responsible for implementing the force’s policies on racial, religious, sexual and age equality."

So not a proper copper then? More interested in ensuring arbitrary and meaningless targets are met and boxes ticked than she is with nicking criminals. Indeed, she lives under the same roof as a sex pest.

Mark said...

'A Metropolitan Police spokesman declined to comment, saying: ‘This is a matter for the British Transport Police.’'
Phew! Close shave there!

Anonymous said...

A jumped HR/personnel clerk BUT very specially qualified.
I read this and found myself smiling...schadenfreude....what a amrvellous word...what a marvellous feeling.

Speaking of costs if they did away with the diversity directorate they would save hundreds of thousands. Redeployment of warranted officers (many of whom are very specially qualified indeed) may firm up front line policing instead of firming up the enormous ranks of 9-5-ers earning a good salary + expenses + free travel. Easy - but then there's that word D-I-V-E-R-S-I-T-Y.

JuliaM said...

"Just found about £125k they can save. Her job and all the associated costs is dispensible."


"So not a proper copper then?"

Is anyone, you're left to wonder..?

"A jumped HR/personnel clerk BUT very specially qualified."

Not something you could study for though...