Saturday 17 October 2009

'Ladies and gentlemen, the Prime Minister...'

Over at 'Harry's Place', we learn that our Prime Mentalist cannot even manage to tell a bunch of radio-listening housewives the name of his favourite biscuit:
The question was put to Mr Brown no fewer than 12 times (which, as it happens, is the exact number of times Jeremy Paxman put his question to Michael Howard in the notorious 1997 Newsnight interview).

Time and again they asked what has become a staple question of Mumsnet interviews. “May I ask you what your favourite biscuits are?” said one mother. “What biscuit, Mr Brown, please, before you leave!” pressed another. Steadfast to the end, Mr Brown refused to answer. One member, MadameDefarge, said: “Maybe he needs to consult with his advisers on what would be the most vote-winning biscuit to admit to liking?”
Dear god, won't someone take charge and put this nincompoop out of his misery?


Ross said...

It's a tough question, think of all the negative connatations associated with different biscuits:

Ginger Nut- Would be seen as a dig at Hazel Blears

Bourbon- Associations of aristocracy that are inappropriate in the austere times.

Digestive- Boring.

Hob Nobs- It would imply that his obsession with international summits is so he can mingle withthe great and the good.

Shortbread- Too Scottish

Jaffa Cakes- Upset the anit-Zionist movement.

Angry Exile said...

I'd have thought he'd be for a couple of the traditional shortbread Scottish fingers. Matches the ones the cyclopian shite holds up to the country on an almost daily basis.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Jammy Dodgers, surely!?!

blueknight said...


JuliaM said...

"Ginger Nut- Would be seen as a dig at Hazel Blears"


"Matches the ones the cyclopian shite holds up to the country on an almost daily basis."



Ooh, forgot about those!

David Gillies said...

Ross: excellent. Thank you for that.

Given his descent into psychosis, I would have thought some form of crackers would be the answer.