Sunday 16 May 2010

Have You Thought Of Registering As Mature Students?

Pity the residents of Bradford:
Building work is to go on late into the night at the sites of three Bradford schools.

Planners have granted permission to Educo, the contractors working on Bradford Council’s Building Schools for Future (BSF) programme.

Under revised conditions, work can carry on at the new Hanson School and Grange Technology College, in Bradford, and Greenhead High, in Keighley, until 11pm on weekdays.
Because it's important, and the residents should just lump it, OK?
A spokesman for Bradford Council said: “The Council received planning applications to revise weekday working hours at the sites of four secondary schools.

“The applications were submitted by the construction contractors Educo, to enable them to reclaim time which was lost during poor weather conditions over the winter. This includes delays caused as a result of frozen water pipes which the contractor is in the process of rectifying.”
Oh, boo hoo!
But one objector, a resident of Sutton Avenue near Hanson School, was not convinced.

In a letter opposing the planning application, the resident said: “Even in my back garden the noise is very loud and I can’t put my washing out for the dust coming from your machines. I have to live here with my children and it is very disruptive.”
She's not the only one:
An resident objecting to the proposed changes affecting the Beckfoot site said: “Whilst I can accept there may be noise pollution during normal working hours, I feel that any extension of those hours into evenings and weekends is totally unacceptable in what is normally a quiet residential area.”
Well, what you need to do, folks, is register as students! That way, you can demand 500 smackers for the inconvenience!


PT Barnum said...

Er, it wasn't £500. It was £600. Elsewhere, across the country, other universities with less deluded management are steeling themselves for frivolous student demands and cursing Essex for its stupidity.

KenS said...

reclaim time which was lost during poor weather conditions over the winter.

So ..... bad weather in the winter took them by surprise? Presumably getting dark at night comes as something of a shock as well....

Mrs Erdleigh said...

Off Topic - just to let you know I am going to hell for laughing at this:

The lack of clear guidance about a good diet for the under fives means that even the best-intentioned nursery schools are sometimes providing small children with the wrong proportions of food and nutrients, council regulators warned today, following the publication of new research.


Problems varied across all the nurseries involved but included:

• Shortages of carbohydrates to give children energy because some were being given too much fruit

A common problem was applying healthy eating principles which work for adults and older children to the under fives, despite their very different needs. Some nurseries also encountered pressure from parents to offer low fat options such as skimmed milk, even though this could be bad for very young children.

JuliaM said...

@PT Barnum: £600! Good grief... Still, that's Essex for you!

@Mrs Erdleigh: Oh, great. They don't give up, do they?

I see in the 'Metro' this morning there are groups lobbying for all junk food ads to be subject to the same restrictions as those on children's tv. That's magazines, newspapers, billboards, etc. All as a result of the 'War on Obesity'..