Saturday 15 May 2010

You Don't Have To Have A Heart Of Stone To Work Here...

...but it helps:
Parents of an Oxfordshire girl who has been put up for adoption should not be allowed an annual photo of her, the Court of Appeal has heard.

Last year a judge at Oxford County Court said the couple should receive an annual photo of their daughter and a progress report.
But that was too much for the ghastly people that infest SS units around the country.
But Oxfordshire County Council challenged that on the grounds the parents, armed with a photo, could track their daughter down.

The Court of Appeal was told yesterday the most the council was prepared to do was show the parents a photo on an annual basis, but not let them keep it.
I suppose we should be grateful they didn't also apply for the right to club them over the head after showing them the photo in a bid to induce amnesia...


Dippyness. said...

Two words...Heartless shits. "nuff said.

Shug Niggurath said...

Nah, I'm not seeing what you are seeing here. Adoption is a legal change of status where the natural parents are giving up all responsibilities (and so rights) for a child.

Why then should they be demanding pictures and progress reports? If they are that interested why are they not doing what every other parent in the land does and helping the child achieve progress and growth?

It is perfectly legitimate to seek to re-establish contact once the child is an adult, and there are mechanisms in place to do so, but I cannot see why parents giving up a child feel they should have the right to know - and what interfere if they are unhappy? That would be putting your child into fostering, establishing a legal guardian or whatever. Adoption is a far bigger step.

For once I am on the side of officialdom here.

Anonymous said...

Shug may be right. The question hinges on whether the "put up for adoption" decision was made by the SS or the parents.

I would lean towards the SS having the whip hand.

Personally, I'm amazed that I haven't heard about a tragic assault on these "brave and diligent" SS staff.


JuliaM said...

@Dippyness: Indeed.

@ShugNiggurath: I suspect this is NOT a voluntary option by the parents, else why the worry about them tracking her sown? No details are given, but like anon, I suspect a forced SS-driven adoption.

JuliaM said...

@Slowjoe: Me too. I'm not sure I'd blame them, either.

Paul said...

Er, if it's a forced adoption why the hell aren't these people being called to account as they bloody well should be?

What is a 'forced adoption'? Are there circumstances that we don't know about or is the state stealing people's children again?

Anonymous said...

According to Christopher Booker at, there is a case in Liverpool currently where the mother of snatched/adopted children is being prosecuted for sending a birthday card.

An aside there says that there is a group called "Child Snatching by the State" consisting of 200 mothers. Obviously, I know little about this, but if it is accurately reported, that is getting to the levels of the satanic cult scare in the late eighties/early nineties.

Were one of my family affected, my interpretation of "not let it rest there" would be different from Mr. Cameron when rowing back on his cast-iron guarantee.