Thursday 20 May 2010

'Daily Fail' In Birthday & Christmas All At Once Shock!

A curry chef appeared in court yesterday accused of killing a wild swan for food.
My god, the editor must have just about fainted with delight when he saw that line...
Simon Cocksedge, defending, asked for the case to be adjourned for time to research the law relating to swans.

He said: ‘The case raises interesting legal points whether the swan belongs to anybody and whether it needs to belong to somebody to be stolen, and whether the Queen is the owner of the bird.

'I've discussed the matter in passing with the clerk and the prosecution, and we've not time to make that kind of legal research.'
Take your time, fellas, take your time. The 'Fail' needs to get as much out of this as it can!


Macheath said...

Coincidentally, it's birthday and Christmas all at once for the Telegraph too: top UK story? -
Courtney Love claims she had 'lesbian sex affair with Kate Moss in Milan'

Chuckles said...

According to Mr. Miah, 'It tastes a bit like bald eagle.'

Dr Evil said...

I always thought Swans were the property of the monarch or the Worshipfull etc etc Vitners guild. Apart from that they are a protected species. Not much research is needed really.

Furor Teutonicus said...

Ahhh. But it is his "CULTURE", don't you know?

(ANOTHER good old English name to add to my file!)

JuliaM said...

"Coincidentally, it's birthday and Christmas all at once for the Telegraph too..."

Hah! No house price related issue for the 'Express'..? ;)

"According to Mr. Miah, 'It tastes a bit like bald eagle.'"


"Ahhh. But it is his "CULTURE", don't you know?"

I wouldn't be surprised to see that tendered at the trial. Perhaps that's why the reason for the requested delay that puzzles Chelcedon (and me)?