Monday 31 May 2010

Mrs Cornelius Clearly Has Too Much Time On Her Hands…

…and we all know what happens to idle hands:
Mum of three Mrs Cornelius says she was “sickened” by the group, which included mocked-up images of men eating babies and recipes for cooking children.

The 66 members of the group included people from Dartford, and some went by the names of notorious paedophiles, such as Gary Glitter.

Mrs Cornelius, of Ladywood Road, said: “As a mother, I was disgusted with the group. I found it so sick I wanted to bring it to the attention of other people.”
Yup, that makes sense.

You see something that horrifies and disgusts you, so you send it round to everyone else, saying ‘Look at this! Isn’t it horrific? Aren’t you offended?’.
Mrs Cornelius says her success in getting I Love Eating Children shut down has made her want to campaign against other offensive Facebook groups.

She said: “I'm pleased Facebook has shut down the group, but there are still many more groups like this, and such groups shouldn't be allowed in the first place.”
Ahhh, the perpetual cry of the Righteous: ‘It shouldn’t be allowed!’

Nothing that upsets Mrs Cornelius should be allowed. Free speech? What’s that, when compared with the freedom to roam the internet and never, ever see anything that might upset her?
Facebook removed the group yesterday, and a spokesman said: “We take all complaints by users seriously and we have a dedicated team investigating these complaints and comments.”
Well, you’ve just made yourself a hostage to fortune, haven’t you? Your group's going to be busier than a one-armed wallpaper hanger...


MTG said...

What reasonableness and decency demands lies somewhere between the extremes of differing perspectives and thresholds.

The screaming blogger and the raging sensitised must seemingly be held apart whilst they glare at each other and make spittle.

Quiet_Man said...

If you don't want to be offended, don't look.


Furor Teutonicus said...

Ask Facefuck how many "anti muslim" sites they have removed, compared to muslim sites calling for the murder of Western politicins, "cutting the heads of all non believers" etc.

By "anti muslim site" I mean "We want no super mosque in Berlin", or "Support the Swiss ban on minarettes".

Two faced bastrd dhimmis, the lot of them.

Antisthenes said...

"Your group's going to be busier than a one-armed wallpaper hanger."

Brilliant, I do envy your wit if only I had half of your wit or your talent of ridiculing the ridiculous. However as I do not I shall accept the pleasure of following your blog. And yes I am aware of the fact that if I had half your wit that would make me.......

JuliaM said...

"The screaming blogger and the raging sensitised must seemingly be held apart..."

I'm not asking for her to be banned. I'm suggesting that Facebook should tell her she's free to create her own counter-website, but otherwise, tough luck...


Far too simples gor the Righteous. It's not enough that they should avert their eyes. What offends them should cease to be.

"Two faced bastrd dhimmis, the lot of them."

Oh, indeed. Their freedom of speech guidelines are remarkably elastic, sometimes...

"However as I do not I shall accept the pleasure of following your blog."

Never say never. Have a go!

I was content to follow other blogs for ovber a year before I decided to start my own. It's cathartic.. ;)

microdave said...

Why not ban the BBC from wasting our money creating fake websites? How about
"Cooking With Cannibals - 101 human entrail recipes to suit all occasions" and "Crime Scene Cleaners - Let us clean up your mess. No questions asked. No refunds." Or "Watch a Grown Man Rot"

I'm offended.....