Saturday 29 May 2010

Young Love In 2010…

A former football star was tortured and murdered after his pregnant girlfriend set him up to be attacked by two thugs so she could watch the savage beating for pleasure.
Chelsea Platt, 18, despised Martin Hyde, 22…
This is some new definition of the word ‘despised’ which is synonymous with ‘spread her legs willingly for’, I suppose?
When Mr Hyde got caught up in a petty row over £15, sadistic Platt lured her lover into the clutches of two thugs who ambushed him as he followed her down the street.
Platt later watched unfazed as Mr Hyde was viciously assaulted at her own flat during a two hour beating during which his killers shouted: 'I want a spade so we can watch him dig his own grave and put him in it.'
I await the inevitable ‘what sort of videos were they watching/drugs were they taking/upbringing did they have’ articles…
At Manchester Crown Court a judge condemned Platt's 'haunting and casual approach to violence' as he jailed her for four years after she admitted conspiracy to commit grievous bodily harm.
Four years..?!?

Even more odd than the condemnation uttered by the judge compared to the pitiful sentence was this paragraph:
Two witnesses who turned up at the flat in Brecon Towers, Stockport saw Mr Hyde battered and bleeding on the floor of the lounge with a blood soaked sponge in his mouth.
What sort of life must you be leading where the sight of something like that isn’t apparently unusual..?

And it's not the only bizarre story this week weither...


Anonymous said...

Get those calipers out - maybe Cesare was on to something!

Will the SS let 'the pig faced woman' keep her offspring or will they do the right thing for once and save this child from turning out just like piggy-mum?

Brian, follower of Deornoth said...

Mr "Justice" Ernest Ryder.

C'mon JuliaM, let's torture Mr So-Called Justice Perjuring Scum in a Wig Ernest Filth Ryder to death.

In public, so decent people can enjoy his screams.

Since it would be our first offence, we'd get off with community service. Which, of course, means no punishment at all. Which is what doing that would deserve.

JuliaM said...

"Get those calipers out - maybe Cesare was on to something!"