Sunday, 19 June 2011

Better Order A New Carpet!

Because there's no more room under this one:
Ten men have been arrested in raids in Greater Manchester and Derbyshire as part of a major investigation into the sexual exploitation of children.
Can we know who has been arrested this time?

Reader, we cannot.

But the victims? Oh, yes. We can know about them:
"The youngsters themselves are predominantly white girls - as young as 14," Assistant Chief Constable Terry Sweeney, of Greater Manchester Police said.
Anyone else think there's something really, really wrong with a society that tries so damn hard not to face facts?

H/T: Curmudgeon via email


British to the core said...

I suspect these are full British citizens who utterly follow the law of the land and are loyal to the crown, etc, while embracing western values and culture.

Aren't they?

Oldrightie said...

I assume they are the colour of excrement?

Anonymous said...

In the interests of social cohesion doncha know

Anonymous said...

You are looking at this story from the wrong-viewpoint.People moan that immigrants don't integrate properly and take on British values.
What's more British than thieving,cheating the benefits system,and shagging little slappers?.Congratulations you've passed the citizenship test.

English Viking said...


That's right, it's white children's fault, because they're 'little slappers'.

Congratulations, you've passed the Police Diversity Awareness test.

Maturecheese said...

We all know who these scumbags are but it's not a cultural thing amongst a certain religion that is widespread in practise and sees white girls as trash to be exploited, oh no, these are just ordinary common garden peados.(NOT)

Paedophilia is bad enough but cultural paedophilia is even worse and yet where is the outrage in the media along the lines of institutional racism that we had years ago. Not a peep!

Woman on a Raft said...

There might be a simpler reason. At the point of arrest the police will be hoping to build cases and part of that may involve the arrested people giving the names of other folk.

For a short while it would be best if those people who know Mr XYZ are not tipped-off as to the arrest (assuming Mr XYZ's lawyer doesn't go blabbing about it).

A more serious problem is that there is a chance - a small but significant one - that a few officers are compromised by ties to the arrested people or, worst case, part of a ring.

The secrecy may be for matters of political correctness but it may also be for legitimate law-enforcement reasons.

There's a big case on in Stafford Crown Court at the moment, relating to alleged events in Telford. Full identification is being given at trial.

Woman on a Raft said...

To make the point about how the cases may be connected:

"The victims, who cannot be identified and were under the age of 16, had been plied with drink, drugs and gifts before being “sold or gifted” to other Asian men who paid to have sex with them in the Telford area as well as at hotels in Stoke-on-Trent and Manchester. "

Allegations of the same patterns of behaviour in Leicester were made at least two years ago. Ethnicity was not mentioned, which may or may not be relevant, depending on how you read these things.

Gallovidian said...

Time for passive resistance against those who have colonised us?

Anonymous said...

Dear English Viking (MTGs brother) I didn't say it was their fault,we know where the fault lies.Perhaps I meant a generic slapper as opposed to these specific ones?
Don't remember taking a diversity awareness test.

Curmudgeon said...

The identity of the perpetrators was later revealed. It wasn't entirely surprising.

Shinar's Basket Case said...

"Paedophilia is bad enough"-Mature Cheese

True but this isn't paedophilia and the men aren't 'paedos'.

I'm guessing the average Daily Mail 'journalist' can't spell 'ephebophile'.

Shinar's Basket Case said...

"What's more British than thieving,cheating the benefits system,and shagging little slappers?."

Quoted For Truth.

Mjolinir said...

What are 'the facts'?

1) - 10 men have been arrested & bailed in connection with a (large) number of allegations about sexual exploitation of young girls.

2) - It is not usual to provide specific details of 'suspects' unless thought necessary to assist identification of those not in custody.[Not just to stimulate specualtion in the media]

3) - The case has not yet proceeded to the point where suspects can be charged.

4) - Unfortunately UK Law still requires even 'suspected paedos' to be tried & convicted before starting the sentences demanded by the tabloids.

5) GMP have said that the many - but not all - of the 'alleged victims' are 'white' - [which MAY make it a little more difficult to establish that ALL of the suspects - no matter what the're own ethnicity - were 'racially motivated'].

[Should the ethnicity of persons suspected or accused make any difference to the way Police act?]

Mjolinir said...

@Shinar - Who cares if the DM staff can't spell 'ephebophile' - the readers wouldn't know what they meant anyway.

What about 'nubile' as a confusing (&/or inflammatory) word?

Slightly OT - a story about 'ages' from my Police training 45y ago.

Copper on patrol one evening in a quite country lane sees a car parked in a field. On approaching he sees a girl sitting in the back seat, knitting, and a lad in the front, reading.

"Good evening, Sir - is this your girlfriend" - "Yes, officer."

"How old is she?" Boy looks at his watch - "Fifteen - but in three hours and--- 26 minutes - she will be sixteen"

Maturecheese said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
English Viking said...


You don't remember the courses because they have become so ingrained within your own personality that you believe your opinions are derived from you own independent thought.

You are Borg.

PS You wouldn't dare imply that a child victim was asking for it, by being a 'slapper', if they were not white.

Quiet_Man said...

the Telegraph does give a very broad hint.

"Terry Sweeney, assistant chief constable of Greater Manchester Police, said the force was now “fully prepared” to acknowledge the issue of ethnicity.
However, he emphasized that on this occasion the alleged perpetrators were a mix of Asian and white men."

So there you go, it was the Chinese and converted Chinese no doubt. :-)

Anonymous said...

Slappers come in all shapes and sizes and colours Melvins younger brother,so do half-wits.
Resistance is futile.

blueknight said...

How long before more of the 'same sort of thing' is discovered.
I am thinking Luton, Slough and around London. For starters.
We are going to need a bigger jail.

Anonymous said...

Dear Jaded

Unusual gives way to amazing when language challenged plod comprehends a series of words longer than four letters and provides responses which are almost relevant and free of crudity.

English Viking said...


To call you a half-wit would be an insult to quarter-wits.

Mjolinir said...

@Quiet Man - Re Telegraph - selected quotes-

//Although the current investigation involves 39 girls, the majority of these are being regarded as witnesses to the suffering of a core group of “four to six” aged as young as 14.//

An implication that for thirty plus, these mass sex-swopping parties with drugs &c (aka 'orgies')were consensual. And that they didn't object to (or report) what they saw happening to the younger girls over a long period of time?

//Some have been in local authority care or else living on the fringes of society following the break-up of their families.//

SO - 'girls as young as 14' who were ALREADY known to the Authorities (and who should have been attending school regularly) were nevertheless being (allegedly) abused on numerous occasions, without anyone noticing??

//Their oppressors would initially befriend them, before plying them with drink and drugs and eventually sharing them with their friends at parties.
The grooming process might take days or weeks and sometimes the victims were oblivious to the fact that they had been exploited.//

FFS!!!! Doesn't ANYONE tell girls anything these days - except how to get on the pill & put a condom on a boy?

Has anyone considered that family breakdown/ in care/ frequent runaway scenario may involve dis-proportionally more 'white girls'?

Do exploiters 'select' from the groups hanging around at bus-stations on the basis of 'race' - or of naivety & the chance of success?

JuliaM said...

"A more serious problem is that there is a chance - a small but significant one - that a few officers are compromised by ties to the arrested people or, worst case, part of a ring."

Now, there's a worrying thought...

"I'm guessing the average Daily Mail 'journalist' can't spell 'ephebophile'."

And, as pointed out, if they did, their readers wouldn't understand the difference...

"Should the ethnicity of persons suspected or accused make any difference to the way Police act?"

It already does, whether it should or not...

"So there you go, it was the Chinese and converted Chinese no doubt. "


JuliaM said...

"How long before more of the 'same sort of thing' is discovered."

I've no doubts whatsoever there'll be more cases.

"Do exploiters 'select' from the groups hanging around at bus-stations on the basis of 'race' - or of naivety & the chance of success?"

Predators choose easy prey. A 'broken family background' for a young girl might as well be a broken leg for a zebra...

mj said...

@Julia - //Predators choose easy prey. A 'broken family background' for a young girl might as well be a broken leg for a zebra...//

I suggest that isn't prima-facie evidence of 'racism' by abusers. More likely (as with any predator) they have learned by experience how to select the most likely prey?

Anonymous said...

Sweeney T? I suspect a scramble over bloodied bodies in making assistant chief Mancunian plod.

Anonymous said...

This English Viking bloke is a bloody marvel. Seems he is able to tell via the internet what people are thinking. A stunningly accurate analysis of Jaded....he must have forgotten being brainwashed...brilliant !!!! He must also have forgotten how to shoot innocent people as terrorists aswell.

I can't get my head round why the police have been able to bring these people to book...seeing as how they are all complicit with these gangs.

MTG said...

@ Jaded

"This English Viking bloke is a bloody marvel"
What a rough-tongued bovine you are, Jaded. Does your limited repertoire of ice breakers include "This yer car mate?"

EV's reference to you as 'quarter-wit' also reflects your educational status of a pre teen school leaver; accounting for ignorance that Aswell was a US Democrat and no terrorist.

English Viking said...


*Taps on driver's window with torch in hand and smug look on face*

'Do you know why I've stopped you, Sir?'

'Is it because you've caught all the rapists and murderers, and you've got nothing better to do than stroke your Napoleon complex?'

Anonymous said...

Seems to be a full moon with anti-police buffoons out in force.
Firstly I am not anonymous at 13.07,I always have the courage to sign my posts.
Anonymous at 22.20 is clearly MTG or one of his clones.
Seems that you are posting your own quotes and then congratulating yourself on your hilarious wordplay.
Anonymous Jaded

MTG said...

"Firstly I am not anonymous at 13.07,I always have the courage to sign my posts."

Look at the evidence again and try to compensate for age related macular degeneration or plain stupidity.

English Viking said...


You're not one of those butch lezzers are you?

You know, the really fat, dykey types that join the Prison Service, or Police, or Army, etc, to try to prove they are as good as a man, when all they really want is to be loved by one?

You can tell me; I won't tell anyone, honest.

MTG said...

Good strike with the breiðöx, EV.

Unless I am very much mistaken, one well aimed swing has finally split her to the chine.

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Dr Evil said...

If the girls are reported as white it's because the gangs of sexual predators are not. Makes you weep all this PC nonsense. Perhaps there damn well should be riots about it!

English Viking said...


These people never really go away. They are like the Hydra; strike one down, two more take their place.

No doubt our opinions on the Old Bill confirm her prejudices against 'civilians', but I doubt she can see that her attitude confirms mine about the Filth.

I'm surprised she hasn't CS gassed me, then beaten me senseless with a night-stick, and then, when I get released from hospital, charged me with assaulting a Police Officer.

MTG said...

English Viking,

What now exists between police and civilian reflects a mutual love and respect which once embraced Gestapo and Jew.

Exposed to the risk of police attack at anytime, we should thank our forefathers for fearless defiance of that threat. Prudence in remaining alert to it is entirely to our own credit.

My very best regards,