Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Life With The Criminal Classes…

An East Lancashire drug dealer has been jailed for three years four months today for possessing three shotguns — for just six minutes.
So? Does it matter how long they were in your possession for? Surely what matters is that they were illegal…
Simon Day, 42, of Walmsley Road, Rishton, had been offered the shotguns – stolen from a house in Brindle – because word had gone out in the criminal underworld that he was a wanted man.

Preston Crown Court heard that Day needed protection because an unnamed serial armed robber, serving 10 years for an incident in which a security guard had been shot, had been labelled a 'police insider' – and blamed Day for the rumour.

Day was out on licence at the time of the incident in September 2010, having been jailed in 2005 for setting up a £100,000 drug deal involving 20,000 ecstasy tablets.
Oh, what a lovely bunch!
Farid, a father-of-two, from Zion Road, Blackburn, was also found with £6,000 of cocaine.
Clearly, Mr Farid sees himself as a better class of criminal:
His barrister Timothy Ashmole said: “Farid does not want to be seen as a professional facilitator of firearms.”
Just an amateur one, then?
Nathaniel Rudolf, for Day, argued his client had managed to run a legitimate business as a car trader and had only had the guns in his possession for six minutes, his motive being 'for the preservation of life'.
Wow! That’s class barristering, that is: ‘Ignore my client’s long history of evildoing, and concentrate on the fact that he’s a successful second hand car dealer, ladies and gentlemen of the jury…’

Hard to see how he didn’t win with that one, eh?


Shooting from the hip said...

One shotgun for self defence, fine. Two... yeah, sounds about right if you can take the recoil from both and fancy yourself in Hollywood tough guy mode.

But three? How did he plan to fire the third one?

(Answers on a postcard, please)

Anonymous said...


Put one discharged shotgun down, then pick up the other one. This is an advanced technique, known as 'being able to figure things out'.

JuliaM said...

Unless he thought he'd be facing the Zulu hordes, just how many shotguns did he think he'd need at the one time?

KevinWard76 said...

I'd have gone with 'in case of zombie invasion" - much more believable!

…and £100k for 20k ecstasy tablets. In 2005. Righto.

Furor Teutonicus said...

XX His associate, Shahid Farid XX

Ahh right....let me guess.....

There is ALWAYS one involved, even if they are not, on the face of it, the main player, isn't there?

Mjolinir said...

Sean Murphy from Doncaster may be considered fortunate that he only got 16 weeks suspended sentence for using a (stolen) shotgun to blast someone's finger off - deliberately & at close range.

The story is too good to precis - just follow the link -