Saturday, 18 June 2011

Brighton: Fast Becoming The UK’s San Francisco…

...although, thanks to Dick Puddlecote's watching brief, I think the Yanks are still out ahead on crazy points:
A Brighton MP and the city's top policeman have called for personal drug use to be decriminalised as part of a radical rethink on the war on drugs.

Well, why not? With the Greens in charge, life will soon resemble a drug-addled dreamworld anyway…
Chief Superintendent Graham Bartlett said that a different approach should be looked at to tackle Brighton and Hove’s position as the UK’s drugs death capital.

Brighton Pavilion MP Caroline Lucas said the “war on drugs has failed”.
If Brighton really is the ‘UK’s drugs death capital’, how do they plan to prevent this by legalising drugs? Are the council going to personally quality-control all drugs in the city?

Well, clearly not:
However Ch Supt Bartlett stressed that the manufacture and supply of drugs should remain a crime.
So, just how’s that going to work, then? How’s that going to reduce your illegal drugs kill ratio?

I mean, are there any adults running things in Brighton?
Ch Supt Bartlett said:...“Providing people with treatment not only resolves their addiction – thereby minimising risk of overdose, drug related health issues, anti social behaviour and dependence on the state, for example – but cuts the cost to the community by reduced offending.”
You’re clearly a moron. This is a recipe for failure on a scale never before seen...


Captain Haddock said...

Its by thinking the way he does and making statements of this kind which have enabled Ch Supt Bartlett to successfully climb the greasy pole of promotion ..

Meanwhile .. back in the real world ..

Smoking Hot said...

Ooooh, are we to have a Hamsterdam in Brighton?

Curmudgeon said...

Yet they seem determined to crack down on things that normal responsible people benefit from, like cars and patio heaters...

Uncle Badger said...

The Weasel and I had to go to Brighton some months ago - by car as we were returning after the last train would have left for home.

It has become, indeed, crazy town. In fact I've seen nowhere as unfriendly to the car except for bits of loonie Livingstone's socialist heaven.

Still, it had the desired effect. The next time I have any money to spend, I won't be going back to Brighton to spend it, so the Greens have helped hurry-along the collapse of the vile capitalist system.

Of course, where they think the money will come from for their handouts to clown colleges and tofu recycling initiatives, once the rate paying shops have all gone, I have no idea.

And I bet they haven't, either.

Motorcycle Helmet said...

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Ian B said...

...because temperance laws are always such a success. Look at the success of drug prohibition! Alcohol prohibition! Soon, tobacco prohibition will *really* improve the world!

Okay, so decriminalisation is a stupid policy. Either something should be entirely legal or entirely illegal. But, really, "illegal" is not the correct answer.

How do you think the Nanny State got started? It wasn't invented in 1997, you know.

RAB said...

I thought Glasgow was the "Drugs death" Capital of Britain?

How many more cities are vying for this dubious honour?

I'm for legalising all drugs. If people want to die, let them.

Seagull poo said...

I think it is important that Brighton has a green-leaning political profile.

This is because it makes it obvious to us all that the Greens are even more dim and far more useless than previously thought.

Captain Haddock said...

I thought Glasgow was the "Drugs death" Capital of Britain?

I thought that was deep-fried Mars Bars, RAB .. ;)

blueknight said...

The manufacture and supply of drugs should remain a crime. Yes, but until the Courts dish out some some serious gaol time, there will always be someone ready to do it.

Brighton really is the ‘UK’s drugs death capital. If they are going to die anyway, I just hope they die before they break into my house or car...

JuliaM said...

"Ooooh, are we to have a Hamsterdam in Brighton?"

Well, it was already half-way there!

"And I bet they haven't, either."

Oh, ain't that the truth!

Hopefully, the voters will wise up. I think this'll be the last great Green adventure. If not, then Brighton's doomed...

"...because temperance laws are always such a success."

When you see the story Capt Haddock links to, you realise they aren't that much crazier, after all.

" If they are going to die anyway, I just hope they die before they break into my house or car..."