Saturday, 18 June 2011

So, Can We Put Swan Back On The Menu?

New York City plans to capture pesky geese that threaten planes flying in and out of airports and send them to Pennsylvania to be cooked for meals for the poor, city officials said on Thursday.
Hmmm, in light of this news, our swans had better cease and desist all attempts to interfere with transportation forthwith!
The city will pay for the capture and transport of the geese to facilities in Pennsylvania where they will be prepared for consumption and distributed to Pennsylvania food banks, a spokesman for the city's Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) said.

"Rather than disposing of them in landfills, we wanted to make sure they do not go to waste," the spokesman said.
Admirable, but why Pennsylvania?
According to the DEP, no suitable locations could be found in New York that were willing to take the geese as donations.
Do they taste that bad?


Pavlov's Cat said...

Admirable, but why Pennsylvania?

In the comments below, someone has posted another link to the story

including the telling phrase.

"Sklerov said that the city looked at the possibility of donating the meat locally, but the regulatory framework for doing so was not yet in place in New York.

Yep good old Red Tape stopping NYC homeless getting a meal

Pavlov's Cat said...

sorry meant to add 'Ta for the link'

andy said...

"Do they taste that bad?"
Are you kidding? goose is delicious,rich and tasty,not bland like modern chicken or turkey.

RAB said...


A man was up in court for killing a protected species, namely a golden eagle. The magistrate asked what happened...

Well your Worship, said the defendant, it was a tragic accident. I was out shooting pigeons and the poor eagle flew in front of my gun just as I fired. There was nothing I could do. The bird was dead, and rather than waste it, I took it home and ate it.

The Magistrate said... This Court believes your story and gives you a conditional discharge. But just out of interest, what did it taste like?

Well your Worship, it was rather like Swan...

Goose is delicious, if you know how to cook it, by the way.

Hexe Froschbein said...



Anonymous said...

Has anyone ever had their arm broken by a swan?

blueknight said...

Has anyone ever had their arm broken by a swan?

This urban legend was doing the rounds when I was at junior school. Possibly someone was attacked by a swan and broke their arm when they fell over, but that is about it

JuliaM said...

"Yep good old Red Tape stopping NYC homeless getting a meal"

Ahhh, those compassionate liberals!

"Are you kidding? goose is delicious,rich and tasty..."

Oh, indeed! But I've heard Canada goose isn't particularly good.

"Well your Worship, it was rather like Swan..."


"This urban legend was doing the rounds when I was at junior school."

And me!

Budvar said...

I think the reason nobody wants them has little to do with their taste, but everything to do with the time and effort plucking and cleaning them.

Paul said...

Do they taste that bad?...

Depends on what they have been eating. A Canada Goose that lived on a golf course and ate pesticide laden grass, tastes different from one that migrates and stopped on farm fields.

Goose hunting is quite popular (where legal).

I suspect PC and local sensibilities had more to do with it. I suspect that the New York bureaucrats probably had prejudices against "hunting" and game meat, where the Pennsylvanian ones did not. Could also be a rural vs. urban thing.