Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Maybe Those Lessons In Speaking To The Press...

...are worth it after all:
Homeowners living in Felmingham Road, Penge, woke up last Wednesday to find their metal gates had been lifted off their hinges and stolen overnight.

This was not the only street to be targeted that night as the Clockhouse safer neighbourhood team has had reports of 15 separate crimes and believes there are more.
Ooh, the Clockhouse safer neighbourhood team is on the case!
And the team’s sergeant Glenn Layzell says gates have also been taken in neighbouring Penge and Cator ward.

Sgt Layzell said: “It hit us out of the blue and we did not know it was going to happen. ”
Errrr, well, yes. Isn't that the way with all crime?

Damned inconvenient of them not to tell you their plans in advance, what?
Sgt Layzell says his team did recently stop some Eastern European people taking scrap metal from a skip.

But he says he does not know whether the gates were taken by the same people.

He said: “If we knew who was doing it we would be on their case.”
That's a comfort to the residents, I'm sure.


microdave said...

"Lifted off their hinges" - Ye gods...
Didn't anyone think to employ the old trick of welding a large nut onto one of the hinge posts, to stop this happening??

Captain Haddock said...

“If we knew who was doing it we would be on their case.”

No shit, Sherlock ... Dunno about Sergeant Layzell .. more like Sergeant Layzee ..

One has to wonder how many "boxes" this moron had to "tick" to make it as far as Sergeant ..

Gallovidian said...

Or put one of the hinges on upside down.

Athelney said...

Don't have a go at the residents or the police, who hardly have the manpower to patrol every street in the borough at once.

It is the thieves who are the scum.

Captain Haddock said...

@ Athelney ..

I would, to a certain extent agree ..

But surely, its up to all of us to ensure the safety & security of our own property, so far as is practicably possible ?

As for the Police quote .. it was a dopey thing to say, merely for the sake of saying something so blindingly obvious ..

Rather like a butcher saying "If I knew where to get some meat, I'd cut it into joints and sell it to people" ..

Anonymous said...

Dear Captain Haddock,do you know the Sergeant? How can you judge someone on the basis of one press quote? Yes I do know him personally and he is a good man.

Ranter said...

Great photo, that's been sent to 'Angry people in Local newspapers'. Now if Sergeant Layzell of the Penge Constabulary is reading this besy he get's his arse down to the local pikey sites and scrap metal merchants, get inspecting their lawfully required books my son!

Ranter said...

re lawfully required books, that's for the scrappy's obviously, yer pikey isn't renowned for record keeping, even births, marriages and Deaths.

JuliaM said...

"Dunno about Sergeant Layzell .. more like Sergeant Layzee .."


"How can you judge someone on the basis of one press quote?"

Because it was a spectacularly dumb thing to say.

David Gillies said...

When capital punishment is reintroduced, metal theft should be one of the qualifying categories. It's as active a destroyer of wealth as arson. Stealing ironmongery merits a simple hanging, but nicking cable deserves being burnt at the stake.

Athelney said...

Captain Haddock, you're right when you say that everyone should try to keep their belongings safe.

But in all fairness I don't think it would occur to most people that their front garden gates might ever be stolen.