Sunday, 12 June 2011

Is That What You Really Think, DC Davies..?

Amanda Greenwood, 40, of Victoria Road, picked on elderly people in her neighbourhood, often knocking on their doors and asking to borrow small sums to pay for taxis.

However, on one occasion when she returned to “repay” one victim, the former drug addict snatched a wad of notes from one man’s hand.
Just lovely…
Magistrates at Hendon passed the case to Wood Green Crown Court, as they felt their sentencing powers were not severe enough.

But on Thursday she was given a 28-week prison sentence suspended for two years, after admitting one burglary, eight counts of fraud and twice failing to appear at court.

Perhaps they should have kept the case after all.

I hope this statement was issued through gritted teeth:
The officer in the case, Detective Constable Aileen Davies said: “Clearly the sentence imposed by the court is aimed as breaking Greenwood’s offending cycle; while still protecting the residents of Barnet borough from this person’s predatory attentions.

“Greenwood has been given a chance to change her ways - I hope that she will make full use of this opportunity
Sure. I just bet that’ll happen.

H/T 'Pepe' via email


Captain Haddock said...

As I usually do, I clicked the link to the original article ..

Then I saw the photo of the offender ..

And laughed so much, I did a little wee .. ;)

MTG said...

We stand in dumbstruck awe before your exhibition of self composure, Detective Constable Aileen Davies.

Pavlov's Cat said...

certainly a very very pre-op trans sexual i.e a man

Unless I've got it the wrong way round and it is a woman looking to change to a man. In which case well done, best I've seen.

Ranter said...

Pre-Op trannie? Christ Almighty! Bullet + back of head = savings to the state in so many ways.

DO pleece ossifers really speak in this awful way? I bet she thought the complete opposite.

blueknight said...

A Magistrates Court can dish out 6 months. Nuff said.

JuliaM said...

"certainly a very very pre-op trans sexual i.e a man "

But still attracting the oh-so-PC 'she' honorific.