Friday, 10 June 2011

Them’s The Breaks, Mr Norris…

A man has lost his complaint against the police for badly breaking his arm when he was arrested for drunk and disorderly.
His complaint went nowhere.
The Independent Police Complaints Commission said the injury was "regrettable" but cleared the officer of any misconduct or excessive use of force.
It must have been a pretty clear-cut case?
CCTV footage captures four police officers speaking to him then giving him a penalty notice, then two officers trying to handcuff him after he lurched into one of them.

Mr Norris said he slipped into the officer after trying to lean on a window.

"Obviously I was a bit annoyed they were giving me a ticket but I wasn't being lairy," he said. "I was just swearing and saying 'Why? Why?'"
Oh, right. Of course, that’s not ‘being lairy’, is it?
Mr Norris now has a long scar and a tattoo above it reading 'Courtesy of Dorset Police'.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for that....i will keep this in mind if i get a complaint winging my way after an incident the other week.

A drunken/drugged up chap was turned away from a nightclub and was verbally abusing staff. They called police after he smashed a window with his fist.

I roll up as he is leaving and detain him. He starts making threats against me so i take hold of his arm and after he starts spitting in my face i put him on th ground. I was aware blood was profusely coming from his hand and even his friends were telling him to calm down.

After a few minutes he was still making threats and i had no choice but to handcuff him or let him go as i was getting tired from physically restraining him.

Ambulance arrive and said he needs stitches but they refuse to take him because he is still being abusive and threatening.

I find out the next day he has broke his hand in addition to the deep wound.

No doubt as part of the evil state apparatus it is all my fault and i can expect papers served on me in due course.....the police knew violent drunks were around and we did nothing to stop this man from hurting himself...blah blah etc.

Shinar's Basket Case said...

Hold on a took FOUR officers to detain one drunk??! And where is this mythical town that has FOUR police officers on patrol of an evening??!

Personally I think the story is fake. Four police officers? Aw come on, we all know that the only time you'll get four real policemen attending an incident is when it's a glamorous Terrorist Attack ie someone lighting a cigarette in a public place.

RantinRab said...

Anon, you fucking pig bastard! ;)

Anonymous said...

RantinRab..... i may very well be a fucking pig bastard but.......i love you x lol

MTG said...

"His complaint went nowhere."
A narrative bereft of surprise.

One need not enter the sty, Rab. Nostrils can be relied upon in the matter of unwashed pork in residence.

Mick Turatian said...

Talking of nostrils, how about coppers using CS gas to restrain a hospital patient?


MTG said...

@ Mick Turatian

Overreaction is the staple feature of contemporary plodwork and we remain safer whilst we deny such idiots the deadlier weapons they seek.

Any further winks to add, Rab?

Anonymous said...

Dear's CS Spray, not gas.

It is also regarded as one of the lowest forms of force. Getting 'hands on' with the violent patient could also have induced a heart attack. If he was such a cuddly bear, why did the hospital call the police to assist in restraining him?

I chose not to use handcuffs on a mentally ill woman and she managed to leave me with a permanent scar. I appreciate you don't care about what happens 'to the pigs', but my young son does not deserve to see his dad coming home witha variety of scars and slings, nor to have to visit me in hospital.

I suppose it's easy being a keyboard warrior and not have to face up to the fact that life and people may not just be how you like to stereotype. The police come from the public....i hereby swear you in as a special bacon colleague!

Anonymous said...

MTG....The Specials now have a proper rank would make a good Sgt. Perhaps you may be the only one in the entire country who could be trusted with a gun to take on the armed gangs.

Let the police have your number so next time their is a firearms incident we can let you deal with it. I know i would feel safer if you were in charge and handling have shown an exemplary open-minded attitude...just what the police force needs.

Shinar's Basket Case said...

"you have shown an exemplary open-minded attitude...just what the police force needs."

You mean like they opened that deadly Brazilian Electrician's mind? They didn't just expand his mind, they spread it all over the carriage.

Mick Turatian said...

Spray / gas - that changes everything, of course. Entirely different product/formulation/size of droplet. So sorry.

I agree, though, that the hospital staff have no business calling the police to restrain a patient on a ward. Do they no longer have porters and orderlies in hospitals?

Did I say anything about "pigs"? I thought to have written "coppers".

Do the young sons of soldiers 'deserve' to see their fathers return from active service in coffins?

My children live in constant dread of my being afflicted by RSI.

Anonymous said...

Dear Shinar....If the police were out shooting innocent people dead every week i would accept what you were saying. It was not the entire police force involved in that operation and look at the military for the amount of friendly fire incidents for example.

I am not minimising the fact a man lost his life, i am pointing out the difficulties faced by those who are tasked with tackling the terrorist threat.

There is still intelligence that the UK may become victim to a mumbai style attack. Hopefully i would be able to creep up on any would-be terrorist and make his eyes sting a bit for a minute or two with my CS Spray.

Dear Mick, I make the distinction between spray and gas because of the emotiveness of the words. I've been told numerous times i am like the SS and saying i 'gas' people is something i personally don't like. Your free to say it and i am free to point out the correct term.

You are correct, you didn't say pigs. That is the usual term of endearment i receive and i now have taken to it. A bit like black people claimed the 'N' word for themselves....i seek to make 'pigs' our word, for our use only ;-)

No child should have to see their parent disabled or in a coffin. I just read so many blogs where people seem happy enough for a copper to get a kicking, but i never read one that says a soldier should get a kicking...granted i don't read too many extreme muslim blogs.

Look at the amount of support Mr Moat got on facebook for nearly killing PC Rathband....i get that hatred because of the job i do and apologise if i sometimes get hacked off with it.

I will pray for your RSI. :-)

MTG said...

Dear Anonymous plod,

Regardless of a grammar challenged handicap, you beguile us with compliments delivered with a smooth and natural charm.

Although the mere thought of 'kiss and make up' would outrage many honest citizens, my concession is a sprig of mistletoe taped to the seat of my pants.

English Viking said...


Don't let them touch you!

Ughh. Dirty.

Anonymous said...

Dear MTG,

I apologise for my grammar..i left school at 16 and english never appealed to me. I suppose a literary career is out of the question and a humble plod i shall remain. Thankfully New Labour have helped me to identify your comment (handicap)as disablist hate crime. Fortunately i was schooled in common-sense and though due a refresher, i can let it go.

As for your offer, it's the best i have had in a while. Sadly i have to turn it down, couldn't do it to gain promotion and can't do it just for you. I have to treat everyone fairly and they all might want it, i just don't have the time.

Bless you's to the day when we can all just get along. Until that day my dear MTG, i shall oppress you the least i possibly can.

Anonymous said...

I had this dream that Englsih Viking, RantinRab, Sinar's Basket Case, MTG and Mick Turatian would join me in setting up a New Police Force....a utopia of policing without mistakes.

Gentlemen, i have never been to detective school, but my intuition says your heart is not in it. A tragedy for the British Public, we could have made a real difference and not just to the sale of mistletoe.

I must go now. I have enjoyed the banter but feel i should go and make comment on a radical feminist site that not all men are rapists. Should be easier to win them over than you lot about the police. Only joshing with you...sorry about the grammar again

Anonymous said...

MTG,this was actually a pro-police posting but that didn't stop you changing the tack did it? It also seems you have a little fan club of half-wits as well.
Please explain how yu would restrain a violent drunk? Clever verbal comments? Shakespearean quotes? That'll work won't it.....

Mick Turatian said...

Anonymous - I think you're spot on when you insist that you are yourself a member of the community that you police but I think you're mistaken in believing that your son should never experience the pain of seeing his father injured.

I hope that you and he are spared such an experience but I think there is a probability that you will sometimes get hurt in the exercise of your duties while you remain a policeman and your son, if he shares your values (and why wouldn't he?), will respect you the more for it.

JuliaM said...

"No doubt as part of the evil state apparatus it is all my fault..."

To some, no doubt. The others will be wondering if it wouldn't be cheaper in the long run to break his neck, rather than his hand...

"And where is this mythical town that has FOUR police officers on patrol of an evening??! "

Good point! :D

"Talking of nostrils, how about coppers using CS gas to restrain a hospital patient?"

Hmm, yes, that's an odd case. It seems that, rather than relying on porters or orderlies, the SOP is to call the police. No doubt this is as a result of 'H&S' risk assessments.

Which is all very well if they are drunks causing trouble, but when they are ill (and their behaviour is a result of this) it risks going horribly wrong.

"Let the police have your number so next time their is a firearms incident we can let you deal with it."

I think next time the police are in a siege situation with some loon with a shotgun, the first person who approaches the cordon to tell them what they should be doing should be handed a gun and a Kevlar vest and told to go ahead...

The expression on their face can then be captured for posterity!

JuliaM said...

"... my concession is a sprig of mistletoe taped to the seat of my pants."

Oh, MTG, stay the same, never change.

"...and your son, if he shares your values (and why wouldn't he?), will respect you the more for it."

Well said.