Sunday, 2 October 2011

There Is One Thing You Can Do About It…

…and that’s hit it a LOT harder with the spade:
Her carer Tony, 45, hit the dog with a spade during the attack but it would not release its grip on Marley.

He said: “It was quite traumatic.

“All you could see was Marley swinging around like a rag doll.

“The worst thing about it was you see it and you cannot do anything about it.”
Some people are pointing out the errors of the police lack of response in these cases:
Albert Honey, a former animal welfare officer for Thames Valley Police for 19 years, said: “There are quite a number of dangerous dogs around and nothing is being done about it.

One of these days a child is going to get killed and then maybe people will sit up and look.
Not really, Albert, plenty of children have already been killed and there seems to be no great hurry to do anything about it.
He said victims could take the owner of a vicious dog to court to seek compensation.
If they have the money, and the time, and are willing to accept the potential consequences, given the sort of people who tend to own these uncontrollable beasts.
Thames Valley Police spokesman Adam Fisher said: “Officers met the owners of the deceased dog and explained that there is no existing legislation that covers incidents of this nature, and that as such there is no action police could take.”

That’s surprising, because if Tony really had whacked the thing hard over the head with the spade and killed it, I bet you’d have rushed there with lights and sirens blazing to arrest him


Hexe Froschbein said...

A humane fox trap is the solution here, bait it with a nice marrow bone, no dog can resist one of those. Those traps are not only very portable, they also double up as a nice stand for pots in the garden.

You're under no obligation to let anyone other than the cops into your garden and you don't have to admit to your neighbor that you've trapped their dog(if you haven't checked the trap lately how can you know anyway?), and it's your choice if you call the cops, the RSPCA or take it to the nearest dog pound on the way to (say) Scotland.

Happy dog rescuing!

JuliaM said...

Or call the local Korean restaurant....