Saturday, 30 March 2013

Rejoice! Rejoice!

Remember Meriden? You should do. It's featured here before.

Well, for once, their dogged defiance paid off - they've won!
Come rain or shine, in temperatures that at one point reached minus 18c, they have doggedly refused to budge, knowing that a few hours of absence could be all it takes to destroy their rural idyll.
Now, finally, they are preparing to go home, after a judge ordered the closure of an illegal gipsy camp that has blighted their corner of Middle England since April 30, 2010.
I shall raise a glass of champagne to you all this Easter!
‘It’s been a long, hard fight,’ says Mr Bacon. ‘In fact, it’s gone on for so long that three of our group have actually died without seeing justice served. Two of our members have got married, too.’
‘It’s frightening, and sad, that someone who is so completely in the wrong can spin the legal process out for so long.’
That's what happens when you have a local authority who considers that identity politics is more important that the votes of the people it is elected to serve.
We are a real community, so everyone has a role keeping this place going,’ explains Zilla Cookes, a local farmer.
Yes. You really are.
Noah Burton’s fields cost him £100,000 when undeveloped. If he could secure retroactive planning permission, a developer would pay around £1 million for them.
His court battle to secure that permission has so far been entirely underwritten by the taxpayer. It has also cost Solihull Council more than £200,000.
No, it hasn't. Solihull Council has no money. That's what it's cost the taxpayer.

And just why does a wealthy man get legal aid?
Mr Burton is already a wealthy man. Before moving to the site, where he lives in a vast motor home which cost more than £100,000, he lived on a £1.5 million stud farm.
He drives a Dodge pick-up truck, with personalised number-plates, owns a collection of classic cars, and hands out business cards which, variously, claim he deals in scrap metal, sells real estate in Greece, and owns a caravan dealership.
Still think the legal aid system doesn't need overhauling, people? And why are we sending HMRC advisers to Pakistan rather than deploying them here?


Anonymous said...

The legal aid system definitely needs overhauling. It seems to be hard to come by for people that need it the most.

Here, talking of unfairness, anyone know how I can contact that money tips bloke?

Southern Electric have been messing about changing my bills into my ex's name and back into mine and back again and after overcharging me hundreds, even though a meter reader came here to read the meter a few months ago,they have finally admitted my ex did not pay any bills. Instead of giving me the refund, they have sent it to my ex who has admitted he hasn't paid the bills but refuses to give me my cash!

To top it off, the woman that wrote to me to admit the 'mistake' has given me a false email address and hangs up the phone when called!

To add insult to injury, Southern electric have sent me another bill, my 3rd in 3 months, for another couple of hundred AND PUT THE BILLS BACK IN MY EX'S NAME! They've also overcharged and claimed it to be an accurate reading when I haven't given them a reading.

Funny how all this has happened since a certain deputy pcc turned up. Oh, and anyone know the procedure of how you hold the local pcc and deputy to account?

JuliaM said...

" It seems to be hard to come by for people that need it the most."

And getting harder than ever...

"Funny how all this has happened since a certain deputy pcc turned up."

I'm failing to see the connection?

Able said...

"Still think the legal aid system doesn't need overhauling, people?"

No, I think it needs scrapping, root and branch (with a few lawyers/judges/politicians arrested for fraud/corruption/...)

But what about (the tiny minority of cases) where poor Joe/Jenny Blogs needs legal representation to right some fundamental wrong, and yet could never afford it, I hear someone shout?

Simple. Removing legal aid would mean that all those newly qualified solicitors without experience, a track record, etc. (and the majority of older ones who can barely recognise/be bothered by a precedent if it hit them in the face) could no longer justify demanding a minimum of £105 an hour (the going legal aid rate I believe). They could, of course, continue to try, but wouldn't it be fun to watch all those hypocritical, biased, incompetent legal colossi facing bankruptcy, repossession of their porsche, and penury because no one will pay them more than minimum wage to pose ineffectually in front of each other?

Like so much else wrong in the world this particular problem boils down to the idiocy of letting .gov get involved. Lets get some free market capitalism into the justice system - and then watch the lawyers have to compete for 'trade'!

You can just imagine the advertisements:

[Quentin Upmyownbutt LLc - Jobbing solicitor and general sycophant.

No job too small
Assault £1.85 per bruise/scar/fracture inflicted
Murder £2.59 per square Yard (of blood)

Letters free (if paper/pen and stamp supplied), telephone calls 20 p/min (coins to be supplied by you, or free if I can use your mobile)

barter considered eg.
One arugula salad per divorce (+/- pinot grigio if contested)

call 0800-WILL-WORK-4-FOOD

or call at our purpose built legal van parked behind Tescos (by the skip)]

Inspired by Feral said...

JuliaM that was a very interesting and diverse post. It raises so many fundamental questions about the legal aid system, planning system and P_I_I_I_K_EYS generally. That said, can I just comment about me and my sad pathetic life please? PLEASE? Why am I asking? I just will ! Now about my meeter reading and the PCC who beams into me 'ead!

Anonymous said...

Oh dear I live in London so Boris is my PCC. Where's that gas bill I have a problem with? It must be his fault.

If anyone needs any tin-foil in the Arundel area for cooking the Easter Turkey today you will probably find it's all sold out.