Sunday, 31 March 2013

April Fool Watch!

Well, which is it? I mean, it's hard to tell, isn't it?

Is it this one:

Or is it this one:

Oh, please, please let it be the second one!

* Yes. I know it's tomorrow! Sheesh....


MTG said...

A simian upbringing is fairly standard these days and who could doubt the authenticity of a cheeky plod claim?

The story that PC 'Mad' Mark Milton was once again driving a police supercar at ridiculous speeds, is highly suspect. It is reported that on this occasion, he notched 108mph moments before crashing into a 'Watch Your Speed' sign. This must be the April Fool pilot.

'Mad' Mark's infamous 159mph escapade in the police Vectra was a global sensation and responsible plod management would never allow this imbecile access to their most powerful BMW.

The fairy story goes on to suggest he was clocking 108mph along a Shropshire High Street, somewhat in excess of the urban limit, before smashing out of control in the Village centre.

Nope, not buying that one!

Ranter said...

Oh Melv, you must have needed changing and cleaning several times whilst reading all those police stories, bless......

That said, that norfolk plonk and her old man look like a couple of proper pikeys!

Anonymous said...

Melvin there was a perfectly good anti-police story posted here and you didn't comment on it,i'm very disappointed in you.You found another one though-congratulations.
Do you feel under pressure from Feral?

Anonymous said...

I reckon Melv has a hard on for Kelly Jones - people from Norfolk must stick together you know. I can just imagine them meeting and shouting "High Six" at each other!

JuliaM said...

"A simian upbringing is fairly standard these days... "


"...that norfolk plonk and her old man look like a couple of proper pikeys!"


MTG said...

Good morning and Happy Easter.

I hope everyone finds a little sweetness today. Even the plod trolls may enjoy a rock cake or 'too'.