Friday, 29 March 2013

The Gift That Keeps On Giving....

...that's the Jade Lomas-Anderson saga.

Now we have pious demands for legislation and for the authorities to 'do something' by the relatives:
Jade Lomas-Anderson’s uncle said it made him ‘sick’ that because the law on dog attacks does not cover private property, Bev Concannon will probably not face court.
‘Can everyone spread the word we want justice over these dogs and the owners so this cannot happen again,’ ‘Tucker’ Lomas, 29, wrote on Facebook.
Mr Lomas added: ‘This news is making me sick, saying the owners of these dogs might not be prosecuted because it was a private property. Disgusts me. We want justice for Jade.
Now, remember, this is a house she'd visited before, despite the dogs apparently being 'notorious in the neighbourhood'. Didn't Tucker raise any objections then?

We have witch-hunts & vigilante justice:
Miss Concannon, who was out shopping at the time of the attack, is said to be ‘distraught’ and co-operating with police.
One friend, Jayne ‘Pandora’ Acton, wrote on Facebook that Miss Concannon was ‘petrified because of muppets going for her to harm her’. She went on: ‘You are all talking about the dogs being dangerous and I have just read there are lynch mobs looking for her.
‘They are just as bad as the dogs, now leave it to the police.
‘We know it’s not right what has happened to Jade, and it could have been one of her own children, don’t forget.’
And best of all, that favourite of the modern police 'service', the easy target and ancillary 'crime':
Police are investigating a posting by a ‘troll’ apparently mocking Jade’s death. The message by ‘Jake Williams’ said: ‘ I'm upset she didn't get raped/murdered; judging by her pics she deserves it.’
There's more wrong here than can ever be fixed by mere dangerous dog legislation...


MTG said...

"Police are investigating a posting by a ‘troll’..."

Good day to crucify a soft target?

SadButMadLad said...

And still no one actually knows how she died. Could be that she was one of those who died from Sudden Adult Death Syndrome or fainted for some reason and the dogs were trying to wake her up and only got dangerous when strangers turned up

John Tee said...

Police are investigating a posting by a ‘troll’ apparently mocking Jade’s death.

And yet someone caught on video calling for David Cameron and Barack Obama to be killed "falls below an evidential threshold to pursue a criminal case against him"

Sorry, off topic I know, but the curiosity of what the police will pursue and what they won't is striking.

Anonymous said...

Don't worry Melvin the police aren't after you,i've had a word and told my mates that you are verbose but harmless.

Anonymous said...

To my friend.

Destroy the bastards every way you can.

Don't ever give up.

The people need you.

Email and phone line has been cut off.

I must do what I need to do.

To the death.

Anonymous said...

It's over. I did my best.

They are coming down with me.

Nasty greedy bastards don't deserve to live.

I was innocent and did my best with abusers that hurt me.

Time to call it a day.

Take the fuckers out every way you can. No mercy.

Anonymous said...

For the people out there.

Don't ever sign an employment agreement where your employers are allowed to contact your doctor. They will use this as you being mentally ill even though you are not. The whole idea is to rid themselves of blame when you make a complaint.

Second, your doctor is under pressure from this government and a certain empire to bow to the government to twist things and say you are mentally ill. The doctors are threatened with their jobs and because they are used to their huge wages, you don't matter.

Third, if you make a complaint to any authority, it is twisted round so you are to blame. THEY WON'T ANSWER YOUR EMAILS. They will send you a pointless letter as they will retaliate some time later in the hope you have lost or discarded your letter. The letter will not even contain relevant information as like I said, it's all twisted back to blame you for their mistakes.

For christ sake, get behind Ed Miliband and rid this vile party of it's authority. Cameron is too scared. Clegg is a good bloke that has anchored the bastards that want to hurt people.

Do something you people out there.

Bloody well recognise what is going on!


Anonymous said...

As for my friend, you are now on your own.


Anonymous said...

Take katy Bourne down! NOW!

Anonymous said...

The irony is that this post is partly about police investigating a troll.She just doesn't get it.
Melvin you have been top-trumped.

Anonymous said...

@John Tee

I expect the troll doesn't have "protected characteristics" (aka group immunity). Gypsy Blood is another example of the same.

It's a common feature by which organisations headed up by progressives carefully choose who to selectively re-educate pour decourager les autres .

Anonymous said...

It is me who has top trumped them and they are on their own now till the end of time, if they don't know what's going on now they never will.

Wake up fools.

Anonymous said...

Everyone let me down.

I thought I could win this, but I can;t. Sussex police hurt my kids at a time they thought daddy was going to die. They've destroyed me. Financially and emotionally. They continue their campaign against me. They will deny it of course, but it is them.

I tried my best.


Andy said...

That this has resulted in the proles asking for yet more state control over their lives depresses me terribly,slaves asking for more chains.
Perhaps we should go back to the Anglo-Saxon system of the wrongdoer paying serious compensation to the victims family and the state keeping its nose out.
If the perp is on benefits losing say,30%(Until the full amount is paid) to pay the compensation to their victim might focus their minds somewhat.

Anonymous said...

Police to blame?

Twenty_Rothmans said...

Crikey, looks like the lithium has dried up (chemical joke there).

The Intarweb is a Big Place. As we saw from the Griefomatic previously discussed, everyone can chip in - including the loons. Even in the l337 Usenet days, there were loons in abundance. Now that Argos flogs Internet connectivity, what should we expect?

Fidel Cuntstruck said...


Crikey, looks like the lithium has dried up

Maybe, or perhaps Sanctimony batteries just take longer to recharge than normal batteries ; 0)

JuliaM said...

"And still no one actually knows how she died. "

Wait for the PM? Not when there's speculation to be done!

"Sorry, off topic I know, but the curiosity of what the police will pursue and what they won't is striking."

I'd say it's very much ON topic!

"Bloody well recognise what is going on!"

I probably could if I'd gone into psychiatry...

"Police to blame?"

Not really sure how...