Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Politics Really Is Shit, Isn't It?

A stink has been caused in a town hall headquarters after excrement was found in an office used by opposition councillors.
An investigation has been launched as officials try to get to the bottom (Ed: *chortle*) of who is responsible for the foul play in Kings House, Hove.
 It does, however, have a serious side:
Only people with a swipe card or official visitors who have to sign in at the front desk can access that part of the building.
 So I guess they were lucky it was only faeces...
It comes six months after human excrement was found heated in a microwave in the council’s Hollingdean depot.
Ah yes. We all remember that incident, don’t we?


Anonymous said...

Sounds like working at IKEA!

Tatty said...

Whatever happened to not shitting on your own doorstep ? Now even the town hall staff are at it !

We're all doomed...doooomed I tell you !

Richard said...

"swipe card"


John Pickworth said...

... human excrement was found heated in a microwave

Imagining the council's Director Of Forensics poking said delicacy with finger and saying "Its still warm Watson".

JuliaM said...

"Sounds like working at IKEA!"

Oh, that was wonderful, wasn't it? An 'unacceptable level of faecal matter'. What, there's an acceptable level?!?