Thursday, 21 March 2013

The Army Is Well Shot Of Him

A former soldier beat his puppy so savagely that neighbours formed a posse to seize the dog in a dramatic rescue mission.
A Northern Inuit is a pretty rare breed, and expensive. But this is no Sandhurst graduate on a major's salary, oh no.
Details of Mishka's ordeal emerged as jobless Abbey, who claims to suffer from post traumatic stress disorder from his service in the army, was given a six week jail sentence suspended for two years after he was convicted of causing unnecessary suffering.
He was also banned from keeping an animal for five years and ordered him to pay a £250 contribution towards the £5,000 costs of the prosecution and Mishka's kennel fees.
Ah. Lovely. Another case of doleites able to afford expensive animals to mistreat. And let off by the legal system, to boot.
Abbey denied wrongdoing despite four neighbours giving evidence at the trial and claimed he was the victim of a 'vendetta.'
Yes. People get upset when animals are mistreated. And no, they aren't too impressed with your claims of victimhood status, either. You shame your former uniform.
Defence lawyer Mr John Gallagher said his client had two prolapsed discs and could not have harmed the dog.
His arms seem to be working fine to me. He's managing to carry a paper and smoke a cigarette, so mistreating a dog is hardly outside his capabilities.
He added: 'He quite clearly disputes the allegation and my instructions are that he intends to appeal. The witnesses say they heard things but never actually saw him physically hit the dog.
'He says the dog suffered from separation and anxiety problems and whenever it was on its own it would self mutilate and be destructive.
Then why get a dog? Especially an expensive one?
'We know from the expert who gave evidence at the trial that there was no evidence of previous injury. The only injury he could identify was the injury present on the day.'
That was clearly enough. As it should have been.


John Pickworth said...

... and ordered him to pay a £250 contribution towards the £5,000 costs

The remaining £4,750 coming from the public purse! Another great result for the RSPCA.

Lynne at Counting Cats said...

How did the dog self-mutilate because of separation anxiety? Did the poor little bugger throw itself at the evil bastard's boot as he went out of the door?

Anonymous said...


Bloke I used to work with, massive debts most of his money going out via court orders to creditors, could some how take his kids to Disney Land (Florida) and buy an animated ball of fluff otherwise known as a Pomeranian at £600. I have no idea how they do it.

JuliaM said...

"The remaining £4,750 coming from the public purse! Another great result for the RSPCA."

More money for the PR people! And, god knows, they need it...

"How did the dog self-mutilate because of separation anxiety?"

Usually it manifests as paw or tail-chewing. Strange the vet's examination turned up no evidence of that, eh?

"I have no idea how they do it."

Clearly, by the black economy.

Anonymous said...

It would have read better if your heading had deleted the third, fourth and sixth words.