Thursday, 28 March 2013

Must I Quote ‘Buffy The Vampire Slayer’ Again..?

Referring to the hanging, Lisa Hashmi, assistant deputy coroner for Greater Manchester (North), said: “I can’t be sure on the evidence I have heard it was not simply another cry for help or call for attention, knowing there were others present in the family home at the time and the potential she would or could have been found at any moment.
Were there any warning signs? Well, yes. She'd done it before and gotten away with it:
The inquest heard that a few months earlier Jade had taken an overdose of paracetamol tablets, though this was not thought to be ‘a serious attempt to take her own life’.
She was seen by her GP and referred to mental health experts, but after the first appointment was cancelled due to staff shortages this was not pursued by the family, the inquest heard.
Mr Stringer said Jade had been grounded after getting involved with ‘some lad who we didn’t think much of’ and said: “There was one incident where she was taken back to her auntie’s by the police...We actually grounded her for that because she was drunk.
“This boy had apparently hit her and assaulted her so we got the police involved.”
Mr Stringer said he had also confiscated Jade’s mobile phone as he did not want the boy to contact her while the police were investigating. He said: “We told her she could have her phone back on the condition we could check it and make sure this lad hadn't sent her any messages threatening her or anything.
“She was in a sulky state and didn't want me to switch the phone on, so it was a bit of a stand-off. “When she didn't get her own way she could have a sulk and I just thought that was what she was doing.”
A regular teenager, with regular issues? Well, yes. For a teenager in 2013, anyway:
Mum Natalie Ingoe said Jade had been a happy and popular child, but she became concerned in 2011 when her daughter started going out more and became involved with an older boy, although they split after a few months.
Ms Ingoe said: “I think there were a couple of incidents later on. I think she’d been to a party and she’d told her dad she’d slept with someone and it had caused problems with her boyfriend at the time.”
Well, cheer up – things could have been a lot worse if she’d lived!

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