Monday, 4 March 2013

It’s Not The Prison System That’s ‘Setting Him Up To Fail’…

Maria Dineen, mitigating, said her client had raised his concerns when he was last in court in December.
She said: ”Mr Day questioned with the court on that occasion whether, in his words, he wasn't in fact being set up to fail on that occasion.
Ummm, how?
“He came out of prison with no home, no money.”
Oh, right. I see. Well, obviously, the State should provide him with a home and some money, shouldn't it?

I mean, it’s clearly the only way forward.

Maybe he’d like a horse, some flying lessons and a parrot as well?
She said friends had put a roof over his head for short periods of time, but then he had begun to offend.
She said: “He had not got any benefits in place, no means of feeding himself, he had swiftly fallen back into his old ways of drugs and alcohol.”
Maybe he shoplifted the alcohol.

But that leaves the drugs. Which he paid for…how?


Anonymous said...

He has paid his debt to society and now it must pay its debt to him.


JuliaM said...

I owe him nothing.