Friday, 22 March 2013

Desperate For Food, But Strangely Mobile…

That’s the food bank users of Sneyd Green:
Mr Reece has lived opposite Wesley Hall Methodist Church for more than eight years, but claims the problem has got worse since the opening of the food bank last year.
He added: "The church has enough spaces for people but they don't use them because they think it's easier.
"But it makes the place look a mess. We need bollards put in to stop people pulling up. You can hardly move for the amount of cars."
Now, some of them will be people dropping off food for these poor unfortunates. But certainly not all of them! Some must, by definition, be users of the service who are clearly able to run a vehicle and (one hopes!) pay for the road tax and insurance.
Seventy five-year-old Marjorie McIntyre has lived in the street for over 16 years. She said: "There are parts of the road marked up with 'keep clear' but people even ignore that, so when my son comes to pick me up he has to park all the way down the street.
"Then when we come back we have to carry all of the shopping in from miles away."
So much for the pathetic gratitude of these poor unfortunates, who are only in this situation due to the terrible Tory cuts...
Project manager Sue Simco said: "I was aware that there has been some concern about traffic. We do have people calling and dropping off food but we would urge them to use the car park. We know there have been some concerns about grass verges and we are asking people to ensure that they park sensitively."
You’re asking the people shamelessly living off other people’s generosity to behave with sensitivity? Tell me, Sue, has that ever worked? Anywhere?


Disenfranchised of Buckingham said...

I'm off to see my daughter who is spending her gap year in Africa with poor people, the type who subsist on less than £500 per year. Where vast quantities of kids are orphaned by AIDS. Where she cries at night having spent a day visiting the orphanage.

Poor? Our country can't even do poor properly.

JuliaM said...

So true. It's shaming that we consider 'not having your own bedroom' to be poverty, when some children don't even have a HOUSE!