Monday 10 June 2013

Do Letters From Trafford Council Go In The Normal Waste, Or The Recycling Bin?

And come to that, where do you put the bodies of arrogant, jumped-up little gauleiters that you just had to kill?
Emma Andrew, 27, from Greater Manchester, put in a request to Trafford council after finding that her 140 litre bin for general waste was overflowing every week.
Mrs Andrew pointed out that, with her two youngest children still in nappies, the bin was too small for the family, but was told she could not have a bigger one because the authority promotes the use of 'real' cotton nappies.
 Do as you are told, serf!
In a letter sent last June, waste office manager Heather Shackleton wrote: 'We appreciate that you may have certain circumstances which causes [sic] you as a family to produce more residual waste i.e. having three young children, two under the age of one, however we promote the use of real [cotton] nappies as opposed to disposables therefore we cannot supply you with a larger bin.'
Ms Shackleton added that the council has a deal with cotton nappy company Cottontails for Trafford residents - but Mrs Andrew and her husband - who is studying for a landscape gardening qualification - found that this would be much more expensive than using disposables.
 And here's why people rush to the media in these matters now:
The day after Trafford council was approached for a comment on the case, the family were issued with a larger 240 litre bin.
Shocker, eh? But the council say 'No, no, we were going to do this anyway...':
A council spokesman said: 'We have reviewed this case and on this occasion, we will be issuing the family with a larger bin, as the new service is due to be rolled out in their area imminently.
'Trafford council are introducing a weekly collection of food waste in phases across the borough between now and October. We have revised the criteria for those wishing to apply for a larger grey bin from six or more permanent residents in the household to five or more permanent residents in the household.'
Sure you have..
The spokesman added: 'In order to promote waste minimisation, the council do offer a one-month free trial to a nappy laundry service as an alternative to disposable nappies. Freshly laundered pure cotton nappies are delivered each week and the soiled ones taken away.'
Which, if you’re happy to live with soiled nappies for a whole week (must be lovely in summer!) is fine. If you aren't…


Bucko said...

We're paying for a nappy cleaning service now?!!

Lord T said...

I wish I lived in trafford it sounds like they are expanding services to include washing now. I think I could put my underwear to one side for a week without any impact on smell. How are they are ironing?

Ian Hills said...

How did the council know they had "three young children, two under the age of one"?

JuliaM said...

"We're paying for a nappy cleaning service now?!!"

We seem to be paying for everything now!

" I think I could put my underwear to one side for a week without any impact on smell."


"How did the council know they had "three young children, two under the age of one"?"

Maybe they've been receiving a feed from the NSA? ;)

John said...

Clearly in this case the bright light of publicity on the heads of jobsworths with nothing better to elicited the correct response but it shouldn't have been necessary.

But failing that I was going to suggest taking a leaf out of that Spanish village that was in the news last week and for the offended taxpayer to start posting the excess (used) nappies direct to the sanctimonious lady at Trafford Council

JuliaM said...

"...but it shouldn't have been necessary."

It shouldn't have been, no. But I can see why some resort to it.

Anonymous said...

As I keep saying about so many things, let the people who earn it keep their money and pay directly for the goods and services they require. Let's face it, the government probably pays more for a pencil than a member of the general public. But i definitely like the idea of sending the surplus by mail to the busybody at the council who came up with the idiotic idea in the first place.