Friday 21 June 2013

An Olympic Legacy They Don’t Want To Advertise…

…unlike the building projects:
Three west African Olympic athletes and a coach who vanished after last summer’s Games are among “missing people” Newham police are searching for, it was revealed this week.
Perhaps they thought they were entered for the 2012 Hide And Seek, and no one told them that wasn’t an official event?
The whereabouts of female sprinter, Assiata Toure, 20, from Guinea; Cameroon wonen’s football team’s reserve goalkeeper, Laure Ngako Tchimi, 25; Judo player Mandembo Kebika Cedric, 29, from the Democratic Republic of Congo; and Ivory Coast’s wrestling coach, Yves Adje, 30, remain a mystery.
Yeah. It’s not like they’ll stick out in Stratford.
Det Ch Insp, Dave Rock, investigating officer for Newham’s Missing Persons Unit, said: “We’re working with the UK Border Agency to find them, but I think we can assume they have simply wandered off to make a better life for themselves in this country.”
Oh, I think so too. Say, shouldn't there be a government agency set up to ensure that doesn't happen?


Ranter said...

Say, shouldn't there be a government agency set up to ensure that doesn't happen?

Indeed, but then if there was it would be staffed with tossers like Mr Rock who actually seem to sympathise instead of doing what he's paid.

He must have done a lot of diversity courses.

JuliaM said...

I think it's the only way to get ahead these days... :/

Joe Public said...

You mean someone's surprised that some athletes have 'done a runner'?