Saturday 22 June 2013

Comment Sections...

It seems every local newspaper has them.

Bucko outlines some issues with them, and their selective publishing guidelines which ensure hanging remotely controversial is squelched before too many citizens realise they aren't alone in holding doubleplusungood views.

But they have help! In every comments sections, if you read it long enough, you get the characters - the never-serious commenter, the one who always wants to turn the subject round to their pet hate/love, and now, a new one, one dedicated to stamping out any comment they feel isn't 'respectful'.

These usually show up on stories where some chav has died doing something foolish. So I see a lot of them, as you can imagine.

The usual themes are there - although you have the right to say what you want, subject to the paper's editorial rules for commenters, these people would rather you didn't. We mustn't be 'unnecessary' or 'disrespectful'. We certainly must never, ever, judge

Which brings me to my favourite recent comment:


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