Friday 7 June 2013

Now, What Makes Me Read The First Paragraph And Say...

...'must be a story about travellers'?
Home-owners complained of “atrocious” late-night music, fireworks “like gunshots” and human waste at Coldean Woods.
About 40 vehicles are parked at the unauthorised site in woods off Coldean Lane.
Human waste? Check! Total disregard for the standards of civilised behaviour? Check! Parking up wherever you feel like knowing the council will do nothing? Check!
But when Ruth White, who lives on Park Road, complained to the council, she was told there is “no demand” for the noise service on a Bank Holiday Sunday evening.
What they mean is 'No one wants to pay overtime and we'll do nothing anyway, because we're scared of them'...
A member of the traveller group, who did not give his name, would not comment on the noise complaints. He said: “The council is not fulfilling its moral obligations to site travellers.
“When we have a good working relationship with the councils it allays locals’ fears.”
I believe that's how Al Capone operated back in Chicago, isn't it?
The council spokesman added: “We have made it clear to the occupants that any further antisocial behaviour such as noise or litter problems is likely to trigger formal eviction proceedings.”
You mean, up until now, their unauthorised camp hasn't done so?


ivan said...

Maybe someone should borrow one of the armoured bulldozers from the Israeli army and use it every time they park in non regulation places.

blueknight said...

Hot off the Brighton Council website.
Service update - Friday 7 June 2013
Unauthorised encampment of Travellers and Gypsies on land adjacent to Lawn Memorial Cemetery - We have visited the site with the police. We have asked the police to use their Section 61 powers (Criminal Justice and Public Order Act 1994) to direct this group to leave the land. This request has been agreed.

Unauthorised encampment of lived-in vehicles on land in Coldean Woods, above Coldean Lane - We have visited this site with the police. We are negotiating a leaving date so as to avoid a costly formal eviction.

The last 4 words are the most telling. Central Govt. should be doing more

JuliaM said...

"...and use it every time they park in non regulation places."

Have you seen some of those women? The bulldozer'd lose..!

"The last 4 words are the most telling. Central Govt. should be doing more"

Hmm, what'll come first? The opportunity for a spot of ice-skating in Hell or Dave's mob to keep their election promises?