Saturday 15 June 2013

I'm Just Pre-empting Tomorrow's Newspapers...

Police were today urgently searching for a 14-year-old girl who is believed to have disappeared with a 'professional fraudster' more than twice her age.
Schoolgirl [redacted] and former car dealer John Bush, 35, both of Doncaster, South Yorkshire, are thought to have been in the Highfields area of the town over the past two days.
The teenager was last seen on Monday at 2.30pm at [redacted] in Adwick in her school uniform, although South Yorkshire Police said it was unlikely that she will still be wearing this. [redacted] was described by the force as being [redacted]. Bush was described as white, of stocky build and having receding dark blonde hair.
Her mother [redacted], who lives in [redacted] area of the town, said on Facebook: 'Please come home, my gorgeous girl. Am so worried about you. I love you so much. '
Because, after all, the minute, the instant, charges are laid we must forget all about the name we've seen plastered all over the media. Nothing that identifies her will be permitted. She will be referred to only as 'the schoolgirl'.

Such is our justice system...


Twenty_Rothmans said...

The memory hole lives.

The original ObFarsebook quote read 'this is my gawgess lovin daughter '.

I see a market here for a widget that can produce heart (if not brain)-rending messages at the push of a button.

RIP bro u was jus livn the life repect
PLS come back we luv u u are the princess in our famly

John Pickworth said...

Her mother [redacted], 36, appeals for 'gorgeous girl' to 'please come home'. Beside a Facebook picture of her daughter, she posted: ‘this is my gawgess lovin daughter if anyone as any idea were she could be would u plz contact me I just want her home safe thankyou.’

Meanwhile... [redacted] (allegedly) ran away with a ‘family friend’ three days after being taken from home and placed in foster care by social services!

It's all getting to be a bit like an episode of Soap

JuliaM said...

"The original ObFarsebook quote read 'this is my gawgess lovin daughter '."


"It's all getting to be a bit like an episode of Soap"

Ah, but 'Soap' being on ITV at least meant I didn't have to pay for it!