Thursday 20 June 2013

Blackburn Police, Serving And Protecting Punishing The Victim…

Blackburn magistrates heard Mohammed Shazan had made more than 30 complaints to police about behaviour towards his wife and children before taking the law into his own hands and assaulting two 13-year-old boys who had been bullying his son.
Strange, because aren’t we always told that the police take such complaints seriously?
And speaking after magistrates had expressed sympathy with his predicament and acknowledged a ‘greater degree of provocation’ he said: “I just want to look after my family. I don’t want to hurt anyone. I just want to be left alone to live my life.”
Shazan, 31, of Whalley Road, Clitheroe, pleaded guilty to two charges of assault. He was fined £110 with £20 victim surcharge.
We aren’t told what action was taken – if any was – regarding the complaints. Nor what fines – if any - were imposed on the perpetrators.
Passing sentence the chairman of the magistrates said it was not acceptable, however distressed the defendant had been, to go round hitting people, especially young boys.
“We are not ordering compensation because of the extensive historic provocation and the provocation at the time,” he said.
“It is noteworthy that, having viewed the CCTV, one of the boys appears to be a bit of a drama queen and the other didn’t seem bothered because he was juggling a ball.”
Which makes me wonder why the police – knowing the same history and having access to the same CCTV – pursued the case at all?

Or is this just police policy now?


Budvar said...

Moral of this story is, if you're going to backhand the little fuckers, don't do it in the scope of CCTV, and more importantly go all Cpl Shultz and "Know nothing".

If all the evidence they have is their word against yours, any potential case is going nowhere.

Do not under any circumstances try to explain, as you all you do is incriminate yourself.

John Pickworth said...

Shazan’s youngest son had come home bleeding and said he had been tripped up by some boys at the shop.

He's just 8 years old! I think the two 13 y/o boys were lucky to have gotten just a smack up the back on their heads.

As for the police/CPS, well, they've just created two little monsters who think they can get away with anything... except they're not going to stay little for very long. Something for them to bear in mind perhaps when they see a petrol bomb heading towards their panda car in a couple of years time.

Anonymous said...

Budvar is right.Don't get your revenge while you're angry,you will make mistakes and get caught.Buy new clothes,do it somewhere dark,get a good alibi.The police will want to believe a decent person rather than a scumbag if it's one word against another.

wpc jilted said...

yeh i beleeve peepl in nice close anyways its dificult too get out off the stashun cos off wether innit

blueknight said...

What Jaded said. And tell no one

SadButMadLad said...

Probably the reason they went for him and not the scrotes was because he was easy pickings. Witness that he pled guilty when he should have pled not guilty and waited for the CPS to dig up the evidence to say otherwise - which they wouldn't because it wouldn't be in the public interest to do so because it would cost too much for the benefit of ticking off another statistic of arrests/convictions/etc.

Budvar said...

Mel, I live about 5 miles up the road from you, and it isn't just people who live in nice areas, as there's plenty mouthy gobshites who live in places with tree lined avenues like Mirfield and Fixby.

Now I've had do's with the druggy deadbeat neighbours over a period of 10 years or more.
Whenever Police are called, they can always without fail be relied on to be abusive, threatening and making death threats.
Yet they're always surprised when the Police leave and it's always them that receive the warning to turn it in, after I speak to them like human beings and
shrug my shoulders saying I've no idea what they're on about and besides which, if that lot ever told the truth their teeth would fall out.

You see, this is the result of 2 generations of being able to do and say what they like to anyone, as if anyone looks so much at them sideways they know their rights and they'll have the law on you, cos you see, they're only minors. Since reaching that magic age of 18 mind, you don't get so much as a chirp out of them. I wonder why?

Anonymous said...

"The police will want to believe a decent person rather than a scumbag if it's one word against another."

Hahahahaha. No, the Police will be desperate to believe the children. Easy score for the statistics.

Worse they are generally desperate to believe scumbags. The idea that they aren't scumbags because they behave like scumbags deliberately, but they are poor innocents whose life has been hard etc etc etc.

This mentality infests the public services like a cancer. The concept that kids like this know exactly what they are doing and enjoy it is unthinkable (it's usually true) as is the concept that it both their choice to do so and responsibility.

John Pickworth is right "creating two little monsters" except he's wrong about the scales ; there's millions of the f**kers now, this has been going on for 20 years or more.

I used to work in Residential SEN (Special Needs) with these sort of children. It used to be incredibly rare to have a child younger than about 10 or 11. Now there are five year olds. The only reason they aren't younger is they haven't started school before five.

Some of them, note *some* do come from incredibly tough backgrounds and do need a lot of help and support. But *most* of these children who do know this, actually want to get better and try to, and just get it wrong sometimes whereas boys like in this article simply do not care. They do it because it's fun to torment another human being.

The problem is not the genuine child who has a lousy start in life. It's the lazy and selfish and the hangers on and copiers who are far greater in number and consume a disproportionate amount of resources.

MTG said...

Bud, the Great Moral Plunge ushered in after 'triumph' over Germany and a renewed trust in our politicians.

Ranter said...

Can I remind people of the invaluable 'Survival guide for decent folk' from Nightjack.

Nice people still think if they are helpful and tell the truth to the police this awful mistake will go away and justice will prevail.

The comments from 'police' on this thread are very enlightening about UK policing and the CJS these days.

Anonymous said...

Melvin I don't suppose you and your fellow liberal bed-wetters are in any way responsible for the countries demise are you?
Don't bother answering this direct question,just a snipe will do (in Latin).
PS Anonymous at 0811-I can only go by my experience.I always try and back the decent people I meet.There are lots out there but they are drowned out by the Wayne and Waynettas and other minority groups who shout louder.

Anonymous said...

Latin is for the truly educatid.

JuliaM said...

"... and more importantly go all Cpl Shultz and "Know nothing"."

As recommended in Ranter's link!

"He's just 8 years old! I think the two 13 y/o boys were lucky to have gotten just a smack up the back on their heads."

Indeed! I think the modern police view 'taking the law into your own hands' as by far the worst crime...

"Probably the reason they went for him and not the scrotes was because he was easy pickings."

Yup! Streetwise little scum demanding their rights, or honest parent likely to be bamboozled? No contest :/

JuliaM said...

"Since reaching that magic age of 18 mind, you don't get so much as a chirp out of them. I wonder why?"

It won't take them long to realise that even then, the 'consequences' are few...

"This mentality infests the public services like a cancer. "

Yup! Parrot the 'received wisdom' and door open...

Budvar said...

Joolz, the thing about once they reach 18, is they cease to be a "Protected species", and the repercussions of being abusive, either verbally or physically can be quite painful.

Another piece of advice is to ignore where possible the "Chippy Constable Freshface" who sees his role in life as to nick everything that moves, and reply to the Sgt, and it's even better if said Sgt happens to be both a woman and Indian. (They're always without fail little darlings for you if up against muslim males who're screaming racism) You see, one chavvy scrote in trainers, hoodie and baseball cap is pretty much the same as any other. What's more, they didn't get those stripes without having to put up with some stroppy git goading them whilst their mate is filming them on his phone.

The way it goes is this, They say "Well if we nick him and it goes to court, you do realise it will be front and centre of the local rag that some balding, 4 eyed, little fat white bastard gave you both a kicking?".

Anonymous said...

Latin is for the truly "educatid" and the truly pompous Melvin.
You would have made a great politician,you never answer a question.A shame the people of Huddersfield disagreed.