Saturday 29 June 2013

Who's The Tragedy For, Judge Michael Taylor?

Is it for the accused man, perhaps?
The young father's relationship fell apart amid whispering in his community after Philippa Costello claimed she had been attacked in April 2011.
He was arrested and held for 15 hours, had intimate samples taken, and had to wait two months before the investigation against him was dropped.
I mean, it surely can't be for the defendant, can it?
Costello, 28, from Dishforth, North Yorkshire, continued with her cruel lie even though town centre CCTV footage proved the man was innocent.
She did not confess until she was due to go on trial last month on a charge of doing an act tending or intended to pervert the course of justice.
Her barrister, Alun Jones, told the court yesterday: "She felt stuck in a track. When she found herself in that hole, she kept digging, and she regrets that."
 No. Surely not.

Oh, wait...
Judge Michael Taylor told Costello: "It is a tragedy for you to be standing before me in court today . . . I regret to say a prison sentence is inevitable.

But wait!
"Regrettably, offences like this are not uncommon and a clear message has got to be sent out by the courts that those who make such allegations leading to the arrest and detention of perfectly innocent people must be marked out by way of being punished."
Oooh, the 'women don't lie about rape!' mob will be joining forces with the 'Well, if they do, it's only a tiny percentages and a rare occurrence!' mob to demand your sacking, I fear...

H/T: Anna Raccoon via email


Joe Public said...

But there were mitigating circumstances .......

"After apparently setting up a date, the man met another woman who was also keen on him and told Costello to f*** off, said prosecutor Peter Sabiston.

"This was to have a rather dramatic impact on the rest of the evening," said Mr Sabiston. "She was clearly distressed, insulted and offended by this." "

Fidel Cuntstruck said...

... had intimate samples taken

What an image that conjures up! I now have a mental picture of a burly detective murmuring sweet nothings in the accused's ear whilst swabbing his pecker for evidence :0 ~

Another thing that strikes me about these stories .. why do so many of the young ladies who make these false accusations look like what we, in our youth, would describe as a "ten pinter" :D (feminists feel free to hate me for that one)

Then again, and I'm only going from my own experience .... Squaddies ain't too choosy - pissed Squaddies ain't choosy at all!

JuliaM said...

" "She was clearly distressed, insulted and offended by this." ""

Now, there's a lass keen on denying the harsh realities of life!

"Squaddies ain't too choosy - pissed Squaddies ain't choosy at all!"


Andy said...

As a once young squaddie who was pissed a lot,I can vouch for that.

Aah,happy days!