Monday 17 June 2013

Second Bites At The Leniency Cherry…

A schoolgirl who tricked another teenage girl into a sexual relationship by making her believe she was a boy has been released from prison after judges decided her sentence was too harsh.
Oh, the poor thing! She’s a victim too, you see!
McNally's counsel argued that judge James Patrick, who passed sentence in March, did not pay heed to her own youth and vulnerability, or give her credit for her decision to plead guilty.
Psychiatric reports found McNally had self-harmed and was having suicidal thoughts, the court heard.
Lord Justice Leveson, sitting with Mr Justice Kenneth Parker and Mr Justice Stewart, acknowledged the victim suffered substantial harm, describing the case as extremely difficult.
They imposed a two-year supervision order to go with the suspended sentence. McNally spent 82 days at Holloway prison in London.
That’s right. Only 82 days…

Meanwhile, since the Pussy Pass is in full swing:
A woman jailed for eight years after aborting her unborn baby within a week of her due date has had her sentence reduced to three-and-a-half years.
Lady Justice Rafferty, heading a panel of three judges in the Court of Appeal, said it was an extraordinarily difficult sentencing exercise, but the term was manifestly excessive. Catt sobbed in the dock throughout the hearing in London.
Lady Justice Rafferty said that Catt's complicated obstetric history, which involved adoption, seeking termination and concealment of pregnancy, threw up a "potential for disturbance, personal misery and long lasting difficulty".
All of which, someone less forgiving than our judges seem to be might say, is surely just the consequences of what she did?
Catt, who was described at her trial as "cold and calculating", had no relevant previous convictions and a psychiatric report excluded mental disorder.
But what do they know, eh, Rafferty?


Unknown said...

It can't have been a very 'sexual' relationship if she didn't notice a few 'bits' missing.

Is there a law now about pretending to be of the opposite gender?

JuliaM said...

There are so many these days, who can keep track of them all?