Wednesday 19 June 2013

Thanks, But I'll Still Give It A Miss...

Van Badham asks:
Did anyone attend the live performance of Mikala Dwyer's Goldene Bender  at the Australian Centre for Contemporary Art the other day?
Nope! For two reasons.

The first being, I don’t live in Australia. The second being, I've read all I need to know about it at David Thompson’s site.

So I’ll give this ‘nuanced examination through performance of the precise moment that our private selves know public shame’ a miss, thanks all the same.

Van, however, thinks this sort of thing isn't so much art, as it is quid pro quo:
Just as I'm forced to mentally excise myself from the reality that my personal tax contributions pay for refugee internment camps, so the Australian right must suck it up, accept that libertarianism is more than just a conservative attempt at a groovy haircut, and learn to live with the free and democratic expressions of people whom they don't like.
Nicely comparing border protection apples with adolescent tantrum display oranges there…


John Pickworth said...

"... this sort of thing isn't so much art, as it is quid pro quo"

Yeah, but someone else's quid though. Principles are great, especially when someone else is paying for them.

JuliaM said...

Very true!