Thursday 6 June 2013

"Would Sir Like Fries A Paltry Sentence With That?"

Richard Ogilvie Taylor brandished a broom handle at staff from the East Croydon branch of Burger King before snatching the buns in the early hours of October 31 last year.
He went on to wave the broom handle menacingly at a security guard in East Croydon station before fleeing from a pair of police officers, who had been alerted about the crime...
Yes, you read that right. Burger buns...
PC Agrippa said: “Having Ogilvie Taylor approach brandishing a weapon and threatening to hurt him must have been very frightening and intimidating for the member of staff, who was simply trying to do his job.
“Why he felt the need to intimidate and threaten someone to that extent simply for a bag of burger buns is beyond comprehension and we welcome the one year prison sentence handed down to him.”
Even though you know it isn't going to be a year?


John Pickworth said...

He's a ginger with the first name 'Dick'. I blame his parents.

Anonymous said...


PC Agrippa, any relation to Herod?

JuliaM said...

"He's a ginger with the first name 'Dick'."

Yup. Marked for life.

"PC Agrippa, any relation to Herod?"

It is nice to have a classical reference for once, isn't it?