Friday 14 June 2013

It’s Quite A New Definition Of ‘Animal Lover’…

Berkeley’s lawyer, Adam Merrick, said his client was an animal lover, adding: “She’s someone who’s been a previous pet owner and has had no problems with looking after them before.”
So she was aware they needed food and water?
He said she had been suffering at the hands of a violent former partner and her three children had been taken into care.
He added: “The gentleman came back to this address and there was further physical violence. She left the address and moved into a refuge, and the dog was left on its own. “
Riiiight. Of course. It’s not like refuges aren’t able to help with that, is it?
“Unfortunately, as she said in an interview, she went off the rails. She did care, but her actions didn’t show it at the time.”
Well, no. That’s rather stating the obvious, isn’t it?
Berkeley did once return to the house once during the three weeks and try to release the dog into the street, he said.
Well, that was useful. I guess she didn't try hard enough.


Anonymous said...

these wheedling inadequates always have a string of pathetic excuseswhich seem to be treated with much seriousness by the fuckwits on the bench. Tiresome.

Anonymous said...


Berkley a mother of three, she's only 20 ffs and 'a violent former partner', probably at least three. Thankfully it wasn't one of the children and at least their in care, as much good as that will do.