Tuesday 11 June 2013

Unfamiliar Words...

A young girl was crushed to death by an old Army vehicle at a Cornish steam rally, an inquest has heard.
Tayla, from Yarcombe, Devon, was distracted by a helter-skelter and stopped in the path of the vehicle. The driver did not see her.
Here come the calls for 'something to be done!', the demands for compensation, the petitions to ban steam rallies 'if it saveds one life!'...

Her foster mother, Carol Thorne, said Tayla was "a lovely girl, full of character who loved playing outside".
Mrs Thorne called Tayla's death "devastating" but said it was "an accident in the true sense of the word and no blame should be put on the driver".
How refreshing! And how sadly unfamiliar in these modern times...

H/T: Paul Cox via email

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