Friday 6 December 2013

A Case You Won’t Hear Much About From The Likes Of Stonewall…

Sarah Jane Harrison was dragged by her hair and repeatedly punched in the face and arm as three of her partner’s sisters tried to bundle her into the back of a car.
They also stole the 35-year-old’s handbag in a bid to find out information about where their sister Nazma Ditta was staying, while brother Tahmoor Ditta threatened Miss Harrison’s friend with a pointed blade.
After a struggle, the victim was left in the street.
Funnily enough, Stonewall can't spare the time from their busy schedule of whining about the use of 'gay' as a slur to worry about real violence. Sticks & stones are no concern, when names really hurt us!
Judge Graham Knowles told the defendants they were all likely to go straight to prison.
Only 'likely'..?
He said: “I have very great difficulty in seeing that there can be anything other than an immediate prison sentence for every defendant in this case.”
I'm sure you'll overcome that...


Furor Teutonicus said...

XX The rest of the family has been warned by a judge that they all face a prison sentence when they appear before the court again on January 24.XX

By which time, due to the allowance of "duell Nationality," they will all have fucked off to Pakystan. Only to return as totaly differnt people, and brand new passports with no mention of their former identitys.


Two bob, or an inconvienient daughter, to a Paky "Government" clerk, and HEY PRESTO!

JuliaM said...

Sadly, I suspect you're right...