Friday 20 December 2013

They Always Turn On You…

…nah, not another dangerous dogs post. This time, povertyblogger Jack Monroe is getting some stick from her acolytes for agreeing to star in an advert for… *gasp* …a commercial company!
Since the news of my six-week collaboration with Sainsbury's has emerged, I feel I should have gone into hiding in a rather large 13p can of tinned potatoes, refashioned as a tin hat, to avoid the hate mail and expressions of disappointment that are littering my inbox and Twitter feed.
Waah! Waah! They don’t like me any more!
And what could be more honest than knocking dinner up out of half a chicken from the supermarket I shop in and have blogged about? It's less an advert and more a one-minute documentary about making your food go further.
Yes, absolutely. That’s what Sainsbury’s are known for – documentaries. Why, they are the Attenborough of the supermarket world…
As for the accusations that everybody has a price? Mine is £1,653 for six weeks' work. My actual fee is higher, identical to what the other three bloggers in the campaign are being paid, but I am keeping £1,653 to myself – the equivalent of the living wage for the six weeks that the campaign will run for.
…if I was in it for the money I'd have leapt at the first advertising deal offered to me almost a year ago for an upmarket butter brand, and all the 50 or so since then. I didn't. Am I guilty of selling out? Hardly.
Hmmm, I wonder how many of those offers came in while she was suckling at the public teat. And why - if, as we are lead to believe, it's such a hard life on benefits - she never took up the offers..?


Anonymous said...

If she has turned down over 50 offers of paid work in recent years, as she claims, I believe the rules on benefits state that those benefits should then cease.

Twenty_Rothmans said...

You can't stop her from - er - Jacking off, can you?

I made the mistake of clicking on the link and believing I'd stumbled upon Petronella Wyatt, if you'd got her from Lidl and put a fortnight's worth of food money into tattooing her arms (and Christ knows what else).

Nice that she can squander money that she doesn't need on a bunch of Africans when everyone's supposedly up in arms about food banks here.

Jack Savage said...

This desperately irritating woman was bleating on on the radio last week. I trust the fee was declared.

Anonymous said...


As Mr Rothmans says she can afford tats but has to save money on food. Bloody woman!

JuliaM said...

"... I believe the rules on benefits state that those benefits should then cease."

I'd like to hope the benefit office is looking carefully at all her works...

"You can't stop her from - er - Jacking off, can you?"

She turned up on 'The One Show' last night as well. I nearly choked on my G&T!

"As Mr Rothmans says she can afford tats but has to save money on food."

The excuse she gives is that she got those when she was in work. I think that adequately illustrates the sort of mentality we are dealing with here.

James Higham said...

the Attenborough of the supermarket world