Tuesday 24 December 2013

The NHS – Wonder Of The World?

A ten-year-old girl died after a catalogue of blunders at Basildon Hospital, an inquest found.
The usual catalogue of blunders we’ve come to expect from the public sector, actually. Timid, uncaring staff, confused procedures not disseminated correctly, rigid ‘it’s not my job’ attitudes and, oh yes, one extra special little fillip in this case:
A lack of senior nursing staff, no senior doctors were ever at the ward after 5pm and the on call locum consultant Dr Mohamed Ramadan chose to stay at home when contacted.
How nice! Still, at least he’ll get hauled over the coals by …

On call consultant Dr Ramadan no longer works for the trust and is based in Libya, so did not give evidence.
Find someone in Basildon Hospital to take his punishment in his stead, then. Preferably the person who hired him.


Twenty_Rothmans said...

...take his punishment in his stead, then. Preferably the person who hired him.

We are all complicit in this.

Why do we permit the number of university places for medical students to be so strangulated? Why do we import foreign medical resources when we could harvest our own - to the detriment of their native societies as well as ours?

And please don't get me started on the NHS as well.

Longrider said...

We are all complicit in this.

The trouble is, "we" don't have any power to make a change...

Anonymous said...


I too have always said this. But I think its to do with the 'great talent theft game', were one country steals the talent of another, usually poorer, to replace those that have graduated and left for an even more wealthier nation.

The solution is not to just train people in the hope that they will stay but, pay them a a wage that is at least equal to that of any other country.

This sounds good in theory but the NHS's problems are far more deep rooted. The NHS has become a political football, and as such, its problems hard to solve.

Meanwhile, patients suffer as staff are reduced to a tick-box mentality in order to cover their arses.

I know, because recently I have seen it. Its very sad.

MTG said...

Lessons will be learned.
Yet there is good news from Basildon. At the earliest opportunity, every new patient will have his/her internal organs plasma branded with the name of a doctor...or tagged with a 'fortune' piece of paper containing words of wisdom or a vague prophecy.

Merry Xmas, Julia.
Merry Xmas, Jade.

JuliaM said...

"We are all complicit in this."

But as Longrider points out, we have little other option, until we can get some real choice.

"Lessons will be learned."