Tuesday 17 December 2013

All The Usual Suspects…

Hunger in Britain has reached the level of a “public health emergency” and the Government may be covering up the extent to which austerity and welfare cuts are adding to the problem, leading experts have said.
Gosh! Experts, eh?
In a letter to the British Medical Journal, a group of doctors and senior academics from the Medical Research Council and two leading universities …
Ah. OK.
… said that the effect of Government policies on vulnerable people’s ability to afford food needed to be “urgently” monitored.

And the hits just keep on coming!
More than 50,000 people in have signed a petition calling for Parliament to hold a debate on the causes of food poverty in the UK.
The petition was launched on Monday by the writer and former food bank user Jack Monroe.
Yes indeed. That Jack Monroe.
The petition has been backed by the Unite union and the national food bank charity the Trussell Trust.
We have a full house!


Dr Cromarty said...

Oh FFS make your minds up! It's EITHER obesity or good poverty but you can't have both. Food has never been cheaper or more readily available. I work in the poorest area of the UK. If my punters are not eating, it's because they made an informed choice to do something else with the giro. It's not because DC (cue picture of top-hatted plutocrat twirling imaginary moustache and holding a silver-topped cane) has slung them out on the street at the mercy of fate to live off scraps thrown to them by kindly, righteous Guardian-reading folk or Matthew's mum off Downton.

By the size of their girths, 'food poverty' is not rife, even among the poorest.

Anonymous said...

Richard Littlejohn features 'Jack' in his DM column today. She's featuring in an advert for them. Yes, a major supermarket! The hypocrisy is staggering.

Twenty_Rothmans said...

I'll hold my breath until the professor takes a pay cut, shall I?

We need more intervention, more studies of the production of left-handed shoes in the East Midlands, more interference and more alarmist headlines!

These pieces of filth will not rest until everybody - with the exception of their elite, to which they belong - lives in a grey world where the exertion of some is balanced by the indolence of the rest, with no reward offered, nor any made available.

Not for one moment does it occur to these prolapses that anyone who works, or has worked until retirement, has filled the welfare pocket many times over - they will always find new ways to masturbate it away, like an ill-behaved chimp in a zoo.

And what do we get from the likes of David Taylor-Robinson, Margaret Whitehead and Chris Mould? More. Fucking. Whining.

Not one word of gratitude from these ill-bred ingrates. Not even an acknowledgement that food is insanely inexpensive (Mrs 20 and I had Waitrose duck legs, rice and stir fried vegetables last night for £5 for both of us).

The veneer that a few university degrees bequeaths these people masks their underlying stupidity. They probably don't even realize that middle-class people like I do try to save money on food.

They probably wander into (name of supermarket redacted) and think "Those poor, poor people - why, Scotch fillet was only £28 last week, it's gone up yet again - how will they manage? It's all Cameron's cuts that have done this".

And it has never penetrated their simple, thick, caring heads that if you feed pigeons, you get more pigeons.

These meat puppets of the State wander around, declaring an emergency. "Miss, Miss, I done a poo poo".

Antisthenes said...

Call me a cynic but I have a suspicion that many of those using food banks do not actually need to. The checks on eligibility no doubt leave much to be desired and they must attract the unscrupulous. I bow to superior knowledge however if those who have experience of food banks can disabuse me of my accusation.

Anonymous said...


She writes for the Guardian, does she get paid for this output? She writes again for the Guardian about how hard she is trying to get a job, I note the Guardian readers did not rally around to assist her in getting a job, bloody hypocritical bastards. Or perhaps she is happy to wallow in despair and misery, so she can blog about how it is all the Tories fault.

JuliaM said...

"Food has never been cheaper or more readily available."

And of a variety we could only dream of just 20 years ago.

"Richard Littlejohn features 'Jack' in his DM column today."

Yup, got a post coming up on that!

"Call me a cynic but I have a suspicion that many of those using food banks do not actually need to."

If that makes you a cynic, it makes me one as well!

"She writes for the Guardian, does she get paid for this output? "

Probably though not much. She is getting a good whack from Sainsbury, though...

Twenty_Rothmans said...

She is getting a good whack from Sainsbury, though...

I'd pay good money to watch Jack Monroe getting a good whack from Mike Tyson.

She is a parasite unworthy to lodge herself in the caecum of any decent vertebrate.