Tuesday 17 December 2013

On The Sixth Day Of Christmas, The Overbearing State Gave To Me…

…the total inversion of previous guidelines as a result of media hysteria:
Previous “good character” may be considered as an aggravating factor when it has been used to commit a sexual offence, new guidelines drawn up by the Sentencing Council said.
In practice, this means in the future the likes of disgraced It's A Knockout presenter Stuart Hall, who used his fame to commit crimes against women and children, could receive more severe sentences.
Unbelievable? Well, read on:
“Across the justice system, changes have been made to ensure that the alleged offenders' behaviour and the context and circumstances of the incident are scrutinised, rather than the credibility of the victim,” Chief Constable David Whatton, national policing lead for violence and public protection, said.
Now, why would anyone not want to question the credibility of victims?

Also expansion through scaremongering, confusion over competing rights and equality legislation, rigid application of ‘weapons policies’, prosecution via hindsight and justice system intransigence.


DtP said...

So if I wander out for a bit of raping having previously never done it, i'll get a more onerous sentence than the recidivistic rapist? Righty ho - hokely dokely.

Anonymouslemming said...

So what you're saying is that we should all go out and commit 1 of each type of crime we might need to later in life so that the fact we've never done it before doesn't count against us ?


James Higham said...

national policing lead for violence and public protection

Tough job whipping up violence and public protection from it every day.

Anonymous said...


It's like the logic of the Terror in revolutionary France, to make people safer and the World a better place let's kill more people! Now if they said people abusing positions of authority of fame i.e. Hall then that would be sensible but good character ffs.

JuliaM said...

"Righty ho - hokely dokely."

Perverse incentives, eh? ;)

"Tough job whipping up violence and public protection from it every day."

Spot on!

Ian B said...

Not because of media hysteria; media hysteria is a symptom and implementational methodology. The cause is Feminism, and nothing else.

Anonymous said...

Actually you won't get better off if you committed crimes like that before: it alredy counts against you. It's just that you get no excuse, becouse now "previously good character" counts against you too. It's like wearing or not wearing a cap.