Wednesday 18 December 2013

On The Seventh Day Of Christmas, The Overbearing State Gave To Me…

rushed-through ‘feel good’ policies that fall at the first hurdle:
Like many other headteachers, O'Sullivan has done little to prepare so far for the introduction of the coalition's new policy. He says he won't find time to plan until he's clear about exactly what he is expected to do.
"These kind of things get announced at a political conference and, as a head, you're absolutely bombarded. With the amount of stuff that comes through to you, you have to prioritise."
And no, this is not a case of truculence and intransigence from a NUT drone, either. The policy is simply unworkable:
Headteachers and governors still believe that it will simply be impractical for most schools – and absolutely impossible for some – to provide a hot meal by September 2014.
An audit by the DfE of facilities and capabilities is under way, but the results are not available to the public.
Lack of funding is not the only problem schools face. Some are in buildings where a new kitchen simply cannot be added on. Others face a sheer lack of space, either for kitchens and storage, or for dining, or both.
You couldn’t make it up, could you?

Also the total inversion of previous guidelines as a result of media hysteria, expansion through scaremongering, confusion over competing rights and equality legislation, rigid application of ‘weapons policies’, prosecution via hindsight and justice system intransigence.


Demetrius said...

Restore the British Restaurants!!! Decent three course meals for a shilling! If only.......

Tatty said...

At least part of the problem has to be down to using "catering providers".

When Dear Ole Mam was a dinner lady she spent many a morning under strict supervision of The Cook peeling potatoes and chopping vegetables in the School Kitchen.

ALL schools had a dinner hall & kitchen so what happened ??

Say what you like about Thatcher but - as a kid - I was relieved not to be forced to warm sour milk from crates left out in the sun and ate good plain nutritious and filling school dinners AND puddings. There'd be so much left over that Seconds were a given.

There was none of this Halal nonsense, either. We didn't even have curry. The asian kids didn't ask for it and compared to the quality of their parents cooking it would have been inferior, anyway.

That was when children were brought up in Families and not by Random State Authorities. Aaaah, nostalgia.

Gosh, think I just managed to make the 70's sound positively Victorian !

Bucko said...

They will have to ring out for a shitload of kebabs

Antisthenes said...

Make all schools free and if wanted profit making. Private schools and new free schools have shown the way on how a good education can be given and at the same time provide first class facilities in catering amongst others. OK private education is more expensive but there are ways around that especially from more competition, a voucher system and even top up insurance.

Anonymous said...


I was involved in PFI schools in Liverpool and Wirral in the 2000s and they all, especially the primary schools had kitchen facilities. The primaries also the ability for the nursery/induction class to have their own meals provided. This was schools built by the Satan of PFI Jarvis. So what has changed in 10 years?

Furor Teutonicus said...

Can't think of any schools here with kitchens.

The bastards bring butties. Hot meals are for the bloody parents to provide.

Ian Hills said...

A LidDem idea. Says it all. Wankers.

JuliaM said...

"At least part of the problem has to be down to using "catering providers"."

Indeed so. Outsourcing to the lowest bidder is often a false economy.

"So what has changed in 10 years?"

Good question!

"Hot meals are for the bloody parents to provide."


Anonymous said...

The provision of free school meals to all is utterly absurd. The waste will be colossal. At best, it's simply a (smallish) bribe to parents such as myself whose children are not eligible for free school meals and who are well able to pay for them. Absolutely bonkers.