Thursday 12 December 2013

A Last-Minute Entry For 2013’s Darwin Awards!

A neighbour said: "I got a call when I was shopping that they had cordoned the whole street off.
"I heard rumours there was a vicious dog attack after someone had broken into a home but it turned out it was Emma who got attacked by her own dog.
Or possibly not hers, since the boyfriend's now been arrested. But the insanity here just beggars belief:
"We'd heard that a few weeks back the pitbull started getting really nasty with her because she is epileptic. If she had a seizure and she was on her own he didn't like it.
"I think she has had a fit and the pitbull's got hold of her – that's the only thing I can think of. Apparently it wanted to go for her whenever she was having a fit."
You knew they had a vicious pitbull and ... what? You did nothing?

Not just one Darwin Award contender then – a whole street of ‘em!

No wonder the police nonchalantly let the animal wander free…
One dog, which was able to leave the three-storey building, was caught nearby while the other was safely removed in an operation involving armed police.
And now to be kennelled at vast expense (it's ok, the taxpayer's paying!) as 'evidence' until the trial comes up.

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